EU Furious After Elon Musk Pulls Twitter Out Of Online Censorship Programme

According to a report by POLITICO, the European Union is furious after Elon Musk withdrew Twitter from an online censorship program, citing his commitment to prioritizing freedom of speech over pleasing EU.

Elon Musk has pulled Twitter out of the EU’s “Code of Practice”, a pro-censorship project aimed at countering so-called “disinformation” online, prompting fury from those in Brussels.

It comes after months of mixed messages from the billionaire, who had publicly stated that he wanted to support free speech on the platform while repeatedly insisting that he would support the European Union in its pro-censorship crusade.

According to a report by POLITICO, it appears that the Big Tech entrepreneur may be prioritising his freedom of speech committment over pleasing EU overlords, with the publication detailing rumours that Musk was pulling Twitter out of the voluntary anti-disinformation project.

This was later confirmed by EU Internal Market Commissar Thierry Breton, who wrote on Twitter that the platform had indeed left the project.

Twitter leaves EU voluntary Code of Practice against disinformation.

But obligations remain. You can run but you can’t hide.

Beyond voluntary commitments, fighting disinformation will be legal obligation under #DSA as of August 25.

Our teams will be ready for enforcement.

— Thierry Breton (@ThierryBreton) May 26, 2023

The Frenchman however went on to say that legal obligations for Musk’s company to censor content disliked by the European Union remains, echoing previous threats made by him that the platform would be thrown out of the bloc entirely if it does not submit to Brussels’ demands.

“You can run but you can’t hide,” he wrote. “Beyond voluntary commitments, fighting disinformation will be legal obligation under [Digital Services Act] as of August 25.”

According to new information, censorship activists are trying to spy on and censor even supposedly encrypted text messages through apps like What’s App, Signal, and Telegram.

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