The Real Reason Why Eris Cases Are Spiking

Eris, the latest form of the “Covid variant,” is believed to be causing increases in the number of cases around the world.

eris real reason

They say that England, Ireland, and the US are all experiencing a strong impact from it, and it has also spread to Australia.

Adding to the disappointment of those who thought that the BRICS countries would solve the problem, India and China are also dealing with the situation.

Even experts are suggesting that people should wear masks again.

To sum it up, “Covid” is just another name for the flu, and the various “variants” are like new layers of paint that are applied to the story to make it seem new.

The reason for introducing Eris was to keep the idea of COVID going, and while that is partially true, one should remember that the next set of COVID “vaccines” will be available next month.

For those who are keeping track, I believe we’re now at six or seven rounds of shots.

This “updated vaccine” doesn’t actually have anything to do with Eris. Despite what the headlines suggest about it being “adjusted” for the latest variant, that’s not the case.

The development of this vaccine had already started before Eris was even announced to exist.

Moderna boldly claimed they conducted a “trial” demonstrating their updated vaccine’s effectiveness against Eris. Given that Eris appeared in the news just a few weeks ago, Moderna might have broken their own record for speedy trials.

A recent study shows that more heart damage occurs after receiving Moderna’s COVID-19 booster than previously believed.

The contents of the syringe weren’t really the crucial part.

Because, in reality, what was inside the injection wasn’t the focus; the main point was that you were injected because they instructed you to do so.

The goal was to enforce obedience, set a precedent for vaccine mandates, and test how effectively people could be manipulated into taking a shot they were told they didn’t need. That doesn’t work.

Oh, and governments were also handing over huge amounts of money to pharmaceutical companies, of course.

But these companies already have the money, and most people (supposedly) received the vaccine, so why do they persist?

You should acknowledge the immense effort that went into influencing millions—perhaps billions—of individuals to act against their own best interests; it’s a spell that’s easier to uphold than to restart.

If they let people start forgetting, they’ll soon have to begin the entire process again.

And the magic is already fading.

Consider this: supposedly, over 200 million Americans received the initial dose in 2021, but by the time boosters were introduced in the fall of 2022, that number had dropped to 50 million. That’s a 75% decrease in just a year.

Their control is slipping away, and as they scramble to regain it, “Eris” will likely become much more intense.

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