Elon Musk Alarmed After Name Appears On Ukrainian Kill List

A screenshot of Musk’s profile on the kill list is currently doing the rounds. Elon Musk was alarmed after his name appeared on the Ukrainian kill list.

Elon Musk Alarmed After Name Appears On Ukrainian Kill List

Elon Musk has openly voiced concern that his name and profile seem to have been incorporated to a well-known Ukrainian ‘kill list,’ following scandal and uproar from Kiev over his previous “Russia-Ukraine peace poll” and resulting threats to cut funding for the country’s Starlink satellite internet services.

When independent journalist Eva Bartlett’s tweet that “Musk added to Ukraine’s Myrotvorets kill list (which includes 327 children!),” went viral on Friday, the billionaire SpaceX founder immediately replied, “is this list real?”

Musk subsequently seemed to answer his own query in the affirmative, posting a link to the Wikipedia page on the ‘kill list’ website. The website recently gained attention as Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters underlined his own placement on the list.

“Concerning,” Musk later wrote.

Elon Musk Alarmed After Name Appears On Ukrainian Kill List 2

Louder Sound writes in the instance of Waters;

The ‘list’ that Waters is referring to is stored on the NSFW website Myrotvorets (‘Peacemaker’), which, in addition to posting graphic photos of dead Russian soldiers, allegedly features around 187,000 names of people critical of the Ukrainian government, alongside their home address, phone numbers and contact details. The left-wing UK website The Canary actually identified Waters’ name on the list in an article published in May, stating that the musician was on the database as he is accused of “Anti-Ukrainian propaganda. An attempt on the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Participation in attempts to legalize the annexation of Crimea by Russia.”

Furthermore, in an effort to uncover and authenticate the Ukrainian website, Newsweek stated that it is maintained independently, but left open the question of whether it had direct connections to the Ukrainian government:

As various media reports on Mirotvorets note, it is an NGO that keeps an open-sourced database of persons that it deems to have promoted anti-Ukrainian narratives or acted to destabilize Ukraine’s national security. Since the start of the war, it also keeps count of the Russian soldiers and agents killed on its territory.

It was founded by a Ukrainian politician and activist Heorhiy/Georgiy Tuka. It has also been closely linked to politician Anton Gerashchenko, whom The Times of London in a recent interview referred to as a co-founder of the project.

According to Rolling Stone, “There is a list maintained by a far-right Ukrainian organization that contains hundreds of thousands of enemies of Ukraine, from alleged members of the Wagner private military company to journalists accused of cooperating with puppet governments in the Donbas region. The site, which has been roundly internationally condemned — but not taken down by the Ukrainian government itself — claims not to be a kill list but rather “information for law enforcement authorities and special services.”

According to Newsweek, some Ukrainians who had their names and addresses published as “collaborators” were tracked down and arrested, and some were found dead.

The Mirotvorets list has no official standing in Ukraine, though Al Jazeera, citing the rights group Uspishna Varta, reported that it had been used as evidence in more than 100 court cases against those suspected of involvement with pro-Russian paramilitaries.

In April 2015 two pro-Russian Ukrainians, politician Oleg Kalashnikov and publicist Oles Buzina, were shot dead in Kyiv.

Al Jazeera reported that the attacks took place just days after Mirotvorets published personal details, including addresses, about the two men, but no direct link has been found or proven in court.


Additionally, according to Mirotvorets’ Wikipedia page, the website does keep a list of “enemies of Ukraine” and has even drawn criticism from Kiev’s Western allies, who believe it to be a bit of an embarrassment.

“The site has remained open despite repeated requests from the UN, G7 ambassadors, the EU and human rights groups to close it down, and although it has no official status, it acts to supplement government databases at checkpoints,” the Wikipedia page which Musk refers to cites.

Eva Bartlett, the reporter and pundit with whom Musk engaged on Twitter, is said to be on the hit list.

Elon Musk Alarmed After Name Appears On Ukrainian Kill List 3
Screenshot from the Myrotvorets website of “liquidated persons”… The names that appeared were accused of publicly supporting Russia, being “anti-Ukrainian” or working with the occupying Russian troops.

Musk’s name may have only fleetingly been on the website; it is said to have been promptly removed after it attracted attention on social media. Nevertheless, a screenshot of Musk’s profile on the kill list is currently doing the rounds.

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