Elon Musk Wages War Against The Censorship Industrial Complex

Elon Musk has waged war against the Censorship Industrial Complex, which includes organizations such as the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a dark money operation headed by a purported ex-intelligence agent from Britain.

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The world’s wealthiest man started the process of dismantling the censorship-industrial complex, which is a complex web of government agencies, think tanks, private media outlets, and activist groups working together to control, censor, and destroy free speech platforms in the name of combating “hate speech” and “misinformation” that contradicts mainstream establishment narratives.

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Among these organizations is the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a dark money operation headed by a purported ex-intelligence agent from Britain.

We know all of this because, just over a year ago, Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly Twitter), leaked the “Twitter Files” to a select group of independent journalists. From there, we discovered that the FBI effectively had its entire arm up Twitter’s ass to control and shape narratives and that the Biden administration worked with Twitter to censor the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop and ban Donald Trump.

We also studied the connections between the censorship-industrial complex that were previously described.

By suing the Center for Countering Digital Hate in August, Musk initiated a series of lawsuits against proponents of anti-free speech. X has accused the latter of “actively working to assert false and misleading claims encouraging advertisers to pause investment on the platform.”

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“X is a free public service funded largely by advertisers,” according to a Twitter blog entry. “Through the CCDH’s scare campaign and its ongoing pressure on brands to prevent the public’s access to free expression, the CCDH is actively working to prevent public dialogue.”

Consortium News filed a lawsuit against NewsGuard, a company that rates websites’ credibility by assigning scores, in October, claiming that the company had been “acting jointly or in concert with the United States to coerce news organizations to alter viewpoints” regarding Syria, Russia, and Ukraine and had engaged in “censorship and repression of views” that differ from US and its allies’ policies. The complaint also identified the Biden administration as a defendant.

The UN plans to control speech online by imposing international laws through organizations like governments and corporations.

Following threats to pursue a “thermonuclear lawsuit” against the left-leaning activist group “and all those who colluded” with them in a campaign of disinformation and an advertiser boycott against the social networking platform, X then filed a lawsuit against networking Matters in November.

The lawsuit claims that the organization used fraudulent and manipulative tactics, and it was just filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division.

The lawsuit asserts:

Media Matters has opted for new tactics in its campaign to drive advertisers from X. Media Matters has manipulated the algorithms governing the user experience on X to bypass safeguards and create images of X’s largest advertisers’ paid posts adjacent to racist, incendiary content, leaving the false impression that these pairings are anything but what they actually are: manufactured, inorganic, and extraordinarily rare.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton declared he was looking into Media Matters for possible fraud after the lawsuit.

Texas, The Federalist, and The Daily Wire filed a lawsuit against the US State Department last week, alleging that the government agency funded censorship technology intended to bankrupt domestic media outlets that have carried political opinions and that the State Department colluded with Newsguard to censor American media companies. Go here to read the 67-page complaint.

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The streaming video platform Rumble filed a lawsuit against two liberal activists on November 30. The activists claim that Rumble informed them that they were lying. Still, they nonetheless worked with Media Matters to fabricate information about their source of ad revenue, causing material harm to their reputation and the loss of over $185 million in market capitalization.

The creators of “Check My Ads,” Nandini Jammi (@nandoodles), Claire Atkin (@catthekin), and nine unidentified employees of Media Matters and Dewey Square, a “hyper-partisan public affairs agency,”

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For example, before Musk decided to allow Alex Jones back on the platform, Jammi was drooling over the chance to demonetize X further.

And Rumble is suing right now.

Surprisingly, Media Matters is charged with similar manipulation to that of the X lawsuit: they allegedly manipulated Rumble’s platform to display Netflix advertisements next to a user-generated video that expressed antisemitic views. Staff members at Media Matters allegedly “repeatedly refreshed” the video, causing Rumble’s advertising system to display various advertisements until Media Matters discovered one that would serve as material for their public pressure campaign.”

As it turned out, the Media Matters employee engaging in this tactic was the only one to actually view the Netflix ad on the video.”

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One can’t help but believe that the tide may be turning as litigation against the censorship complex get underway, or at the very least, that those censors will think twice before making disparaging remarks about websites that support different points of view.

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