Here’s How Americans Will Eat Bugs And Be Happy

The paradigm for civilization in 2030, is to eat bugs and be content with having nothing. Here’s how Americans will eat bugs and be happy.

Here's How Americans Will Eat Bugs And Be Happy

A prominent supplier of insects revealed Tuesday significant development plans in North America, which is the most recent indication that Americans may soon ingest insects.

Ÿnsect, a French insect company, has secured two contracts to expand production sites in the United States and Mexico in 2023. The company “entered an accelerated phase of international development with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Ardent Mills for an industrial facility in the United States and the signing of a joint development agreement with Corporativo Kosmos in Mexico.”

Ÿnsect’s expansion goals involve 10-15 insect farms globally by the end of the decade which can satisfy the nutritional needs of hundreds of millions of people, if not even more. The bug producer raises Buffalo and Molitor mealworms in heavily automated vertical farms to generate insect protein.

Numerous Americans have already been prepared for the brave new world advocated by the World Economic Forum of a so-called “sustainable” future in which you will consume insects…

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Here's How Americans Will Eat Bugs And Be Happy 2

… and have no possessions.

Here's How Americans Will Eat Bugs And Be Happy 3

The Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, just ran an article about the newest conditioning to consume insects.

Here's How Americans Will Eat Bugs And Be Happy 4

Which brings up the WEF’s earlier this year warning about a looming food catastrophe caused by the conflict in Ukraine.

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In the medium term, it highlights the need to transform our food system, using more green energy. We should also be encouraging more sustainable diets, which contain fewer grain fed animal products; and regenerative agricultural practices, which improve soil health and the efficiency of nutrient use by the crop.


The paradigm for civilization in 2030, then, is to eat bugs and be content with having nothing.

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