Earth’s Nearest Star Cluster Hyades Is Being Destroyed By Something Massive

According to data from space observatory Gaia, the closest star cluster to Earth, Hyades is being shattered by the phenomenal gravity of an unseen massive object. Gaia is operated by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Earth's Nearest Star Cluster Is Being Destroyed By Something Massive

Astronomer Tereza Jerabkova and her colleagues from ESA and European Southern Observatory pored over information contained in Gaia Data release (DR 2.5 and DR3).

The space observatory Gaia, maps the Milky Way galaxy in 3 dimensions with a view to highlight the velocity data and position of stars.

When detailed analysis of raw data was done by the researchers they noticed something odd about the star cluster Hyades.

This star cluster is located 153 light years away in the Taurus constellations. The cluster measures approx 60 light years across while the tidal tail stretches out over thousands of light years.

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The team of researchers found some weird findings in the data and they expanded search parameters. It was done to find new stars and catch previously overlooked stars. 

Dense ‘star clusters’ rip apart over time naturally and it occurs due to gravitational forces, both internally and gravity applied by the galaxy around the cluster. This gravitational force can transform the cluster into a tidal steam. 

The team ran a process to explain the stellar distribution within the fail, they actually noticed more stars than are visible or seen to instruments of mankind. It explained some had gone missing. Researchers ran the process again and again to find out the cause of stars to go AWOL.

The perfect theory they came up with was that a close encounter with an object (measuring 10 million times the sun’s mass) might explain the strange scattering of stars. They also think that it might be a close encounter with a large accumulation of dark matter.

“There must have been a close interaction with this really massive clump, and the Hyades just got smashed,” Jerabkova said.

Dark Matter is a supposition and we cannot detect it directly. We can just conclude its position or existence by making observations about its influence on the universe around the Dark Matter. 

Accumulation of Dark Matter is suspected of being the cause behind formation of galaxies and astronomers predict that the Dark Matter clumps might be responsible for odd ripping apart of Hyades.

“With Gaia, the way we see the Milky Way has completely changed,” Jerabkova said. “And with these discoveries, we will be able to map the Milky Way’s sub-structures much better than ever before.”

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  1. These days fewer and fewer people are buying into this NASA/astronomy/space/light years crap. But they still go right on selling it. I admire their perseverance.

  2. Baloney!! The only 100% truth in this fallen world lies within the pages of the KJV Bible alone. Don’t buy into the lies people.

  3. For a better understanding of what’s happening to our solar system and other nearby systems, check out this channel and playlist:

    It isn’t just the Haydes system that is having major problems recently. We’re witnessing recurring NOVA from other nearby stars and many of the pants in our system are starting to show signs of the impending collision with the galactic sheath–Pluto lost half its atmosphere a couple months ago, a massive annual storm on Neptune reversed (pole flip?), Mars is experiencing massive earthquakes and dust storms and the list keeps going…

    It’s like that the globalists want to kill off as much of the human population as possible before the next global catastrophe (likely a micro-nova from the sun that will hit sometime in the next 30 years) because they won’t want 10 billion angry/scared peasants killing them for the underground bunkers. The elites know this is coming and there will be a point when the writing is on the wall and no one will be able to deny that the end is nigh. The elites want the masses GONE before that happens or we’ll become an uncontrollable problem for their well-laid survival plans.

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  7. Whoever wrote this headline does not know anything about space. What they are seeing happened 150 years ago.

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