Dominion Takes Credit For Sacking Tucker

Dominion has taken credit for sacking Tucker after uncovering texts as part of the lawsuit’s discovery.

Dominion executives hope all of the text messages between Fox News hosts including Tucker Carlson that they discovered as part of their defamation lawsuit will one day become public. 

Dominion, the company behind voting machines that Donald Trump’s camp claimed were rigged in the 2020 election, sued Fox for airing the former president’s claims. 

As part of the lawsuit discovery, Dominion’s lawyers uncovered texts in which Fox hosts and journalists seemed to acknowledge that the fraud claims were not true or farfetched, but gave them airtime anyway. 

Fox settled the case on April 18, moments before a trial was due to begin and potentially unearth more of the behind-the-scenes exchanges.  

Tucker Carlson with his wife Susan in Florida last week. Among messages that were uncovered as part of the lawsuit was one in which he called a senior Fox News exec a ‘c**t’ 
Rupert Murdoch with Lachlan Murdoch, who is said to have personally signed off on Carlson’s firing

In their first interview since the lawsuit was settled unexpectedly, Dominion’s CEO John Poulos and Stephen Shackelford, a lawyer who was involved in the case, told Axios they now want the full record to become unredacted. 

They also took credit for Carlson’s firing, which came after senior Fox News executives learned what he had been saying in them in text messages that the lawsuit unearthed.

‘Dominion did not insist on them firing Tucker Carlson as part of the settlement. 

‘But the very fact that that’s what resulted out of all of this, and it’s traceable from the work that Dominion set in motion.. of course I know what’s in the redacted stuff and I can’t say anything about it.

‘I hope that it all gets un-redacted at some point,’ Shackelford, a partner at Susman Godfrey LLP, told Axios. 

Abby Grossberg, now known as THE WOMAN WHO BROUGHT DOWN Tucker, filed a lawsuit against Tucker Carlson alleging that male producers regularly used vulgarities to describe women and frequently made anti-Semitic jokes.

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