Doctors Paid Massive Bonuses To Push Experimental Jabs On Children

An Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicaid provider bulletin, dated July 2022, reveals that doctors were paid bonuses to push experimental jabs on children, with a payment of $50 for every child.

In April 2023, I reported how primary care providers across the U.S. were bribed with incentive programs to coerce patients into getting the toxic COVID shot. Since there was no medical malpractice liability, doctors profited while patients risked their lives as participants in an unprecedented medical experiment, all while being lied to about the safety and effectiveness of these injections.

Even more egregiously, once the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the COVID shot for children, similar vaccination incentives were extended to pediatricians as well. As detailed in an Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicaid provider bulletin dated July 2022, doctors received $50 for each Medicaid patient aged 6 months and older, who got the experimental jab.

Pediatricians are financially incentivized to vaccinate

As it turns out, doctors have been financially incentivized to vaccinate children for a long time. According to a 1999 JAMA Pediatrics article, the average patient load of American pediatricians is 1,546, although the number of patients was “significantly higher in less populated areas and solo practices.”

Of these, 8.3 percent were younger than 1 year, 9.5 percent were 1 year old and 8.6 percent were 2 years old. That means approximately 26.4 percent of the average pediatrician’s patients were 2 years old and younger. More recent data, published in 2021, show 75 percent of pediatricians have between 1,000 and 1,800 patients and 21 percent have around 1,200 patients; most practices, 65 percent, are in the 1,000 to 1,500 range.

As shown in the 2016 provider incentive program document from Blue Cross Blue Shield below, pediatricians were getting $400 for each pediatric patient that completed all the 10 vaccinations listed – 25 doses in all –before their second birthday. (Keep in mind that incentives can vary by state. The example provided is part of Michigan’s Blue Cross Blue Shield Performance Recognition Program.)

Brianne Dressen, who was injured due to the COVID vaccine, has sued the Biden Administration over censorship in a U.S. court in southern Texas.

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  2. ‘Do no harm’ is an alien concept to an ever increasing part of this profession, which unfortunately means that any advice from Doctors needs to be treated with the utmost scepticism and suspicion.
    Read ‘Murder by Injection’ by Eustace Mullins for a fuller understanding of just how, why and when Western Medicine was corrupted.

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