Digital Humans Could Replace Supermodels

Deep fakes of lifelike computer-generated faces have been around for a while, but they typically only existed as two-dimensional, flat images. Now, it has gotten to the point that digital humans could replace supermodels.

Digital Humans Could Replace Supermodels

It started with art and academic essays, and now AI is destined to replace supermodels by producing digital humans.

A German company has devised a system in which cutting-edge ‘digital humans’ pose for commercials.

ColorDigital says that its DMIx StudioAvatars are photorealistic in a way that has never been seen before.

This enables firms ‘to build up their own completely unique team of digital models to use in sales and marketing’.

The Digi-models, which have names like Joy, Nina, Noah, and Theo, may be customized and personalized to a brand’s liking.

Digital Humans Could Replace Supermodels 2
First it came for art and college essays, now AI is set to take the place of supermodels by creating digital humans (Picture: DMIx/Verce/SWNS)

A high-quality end-to-end virtual model workflow for fashion firms, including a virtual 3D picture studio, is brought together through a cooperation with Verce, the studio that specializes in generating realistic virtual models.

The end-to-end digitalization of workflows, which eliminates the need for physical samples and prototypes, is expected to have a significant impact on the fashion sector.

‘Factoring in travelling and the production of shoots, brands can save costs and time as well as reduce environmental impact,’ said ColorDigital.

Digital Humans Could Replace Supermodels 3
Germany’s ColorDigital claim that their DMIx StudioAvatars have a ‘never seen before’ photorealistic quality (Picture: DMIx/Verce/SWNS)

Digi-models would increase diversity and representation in the fashion business, according to the developers.

Additionally, the system enables brands to instantly replace avatars, actual colors, and photorealistic materials.

‘Until now, an end-to-end 3D workflow with virtual models has not been able to meet marketing demands and substitute human models photographs on e-commerce systems,’ said Gerd Willschütz, CEO and co-founder of ColorDigital.

Deep fakes of lifelike computer-generated faces have been around for a while, but they typically only existed as two-dimensional, flat images.

Google’s DeepMind has trained an artificial intelligence to control a Nuclear Fusion Reactor which is now able to create and maintain a wide range of plasma shapes and advanced configurations.

The Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman Creator, developed by gaming business Epic Games, was released in 2021. It allowed users to quickly and easily build “real-time digital humans” based on a “ever-growing library of variants of human appearance and motion”.

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