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When we think of Poker variations, the first name that crosses our mind is Texas Hold’em. But did you know there are various other variations of this age-old game? One such variant is 3 card poker. Dr Derek Webb invented this variant of Poker in 1994. This game is primarily popular in western countries, but Indian gamers have also accepted this game wholeheartedly. Nowadays, different gaming platforms have come up where you can play the same game online. Online Poker offers more fun and is also more challenging based on your playing skills. The game is not just about luck but also requires strategies. Only players who are well-versed with the rules and all the hand combinations can ace this game. In this article, we will learn about the different Poker variants that you can play with your friends online. 

Texas Hold’em

The most popular Poker variant has to be Texas Hold’em probably because among all other variants it is the most straightforward one. So, if you have just started understanding the basics of poker, then Texas Hold’em is the suitable game for you. Almost every gaming app or website that offers cash games features Texas Hold’em. The rules of this game are quite simple to follow and adhere to the main principle of traditional poker, which is that the player with the best hand combination wins the game. Furthermore, players must choose two hole cards to form a 5-card combination. At the start and end of the game, bets are placed. It is the players’ call whether they would raise, call or fold. After the first round of betting, 3 cards are placed on the table. This is known as the flop. 

3-card Poker

Another variant of this game is the 3-card Poker. Dr. Derek Webb is the creator of this game. It is an easy game, allowing beginners to have a good experience in Poker. This variant is free from competing against other players. Instead, in 3-card poker, you need to challenge the dealer. Each player is given 3 cards, including the dealer. To start the game, all players must place a bet into the pot. After the cards have been dealt, players can look at the cards and decide whether they will continue the game or drop out. If the players want to continue the game, they must put a bet in the pot. However, if they want to surrender, players need to fold their hands.  

7-card stud

Before the popularity of Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker used to be a famous variant of Poker. Unlike any other Poker game, in this one, a player can form his individual hand. Some cards that are dealt to the players will be placed face-down, while other cards will be kept in a face-up position. All those who wish to play the game must put their bets into the pot. After placing the bets, each player is dealt 2 cards face-down along with a face-up card. A player with the lowest card (face-up) goes first and makes either a small bet or a complete one. When the betting round is over, the players remaining get another card face-up. Now the player who has the highest exposed cards will go first. 


The variant of Poker is a part of the Lowball and draw poker games. Badugi originated in 1908s. Though it is not popularised like the other poker games it is played on selected gaming platforms. To start the game, players put on big and small blinds. After each player is dealt 4 cards, the player positioned on the left starts the game (betting) with a call, fold or raise. The players remaining then continue with three draw rounds. The players have the choice to discard anywhere ranging between zero and four. This is done to hone their Lowball skills. If one player makes the same hand till the final round, it calls for a showdown and the player who has the lowest hand becomes the winner. 


Horse is an amalgamation of 5 Poker games: Hold’em, Razz, Omaha, Eight or better Stud and Stud Hi. This game is usually played by Pro Poker players with high bets usually in live games. Furthermore, Horse is played in various tournaments or title series of Poker. Since it is a combination of five poker games those rules are applicable in this form as well. Also, players must keep their bets fixed to the variant they are using for a round or the entire game. The games must be played in the order of its acronym. This means the first one would be Hold’em. The second one will be Omaha, then Razz, then Stud Hi and finally Eight or better Stud. 

Poker is a delightful game if you know the rules and hands. So, if you want to try different Poker variants with your friends, consider playing them on the GetMega app. 

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