2500 Zombies Registered To Vote In Detroit, US Elections

Detroit has more than 2500 zombies (dead people) registered to vote in US elections including “one voter born in 1823″ according to a lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, an organization which has filed lawsuits nationwide seeking to get jurisdictions to keep voter rolls up to date. In December 2019, the foundation filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Detroit alleging it failed to maintain accurate and current voter rolls.

2500 Zombies Registered To Vote In Detroit, US Elections
2500 Zombies Registered To Vote In Detroit, US Elections

A federal lawsuit is making headlines alleging thousands of dead people are on the voter rolls in Detroit. The Public Interest Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit in December 2019 against Detroit elections officials alleging that they failed to maintain accurate and current voter rolls.

“We’re just pointing out the incompetence that led to this ridiculous situation,” said Laura Cox. “We are calling for (Detroit City Clerk) Janice Winfrey to be removed from the Election Modernization Advisory Committee.”

According to the lawsuit:

  • Detroit had 4,788 duplicate voter registrations,
  • 32,519 more registered voters than eligible voters,
  • 2,503 dead people registered, and
  • one voter born in 1823.


The lawsuit compared the state’s voter file with death records and found more than 2,500 dead people, including one born in 1823, years before Michigan joined the Union. The foundation also found individuals who were registered two or three times with matching or substantially similar names, for a total of 4,788 registration files for duplicate and triplicate concerns.

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Meanwhile, suspicious activities were observed at Detroit’s absentee Ballot Counting Center amidst allegations of violations.

An attorney for the city of Detroit, Lawrence Garcia, told Fox News National Correspondent Matt Finn that he ordered some of the windows be covered because some of the workers nearest the windows felt concerned with people outside potentially filming them or ballots.

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