Deep State Fears Trump Would Withdraw US From NATO

James G. Stavridis, a former NATO supreme allied commander, said that the deep state fears Trump will withdraw the US from NATO, which would be an enormous strategic and historic failure on the part of the nation.

Deep State Fears Trump Would Withdraw US from NATO 1

The New York Times, which is typically seen as a megaphone for US militarism and the interests of the ruling class, released an article on Saturday that expressed concern about the prospect of former President Trump pulling out of NATO after a second term.

The report appeared as a news item in the Saturday issue of the contentious publication, despite being full of conjecture and opinion.

“For 74 years, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has been America’s most important military alliance,” read the article. The writers continued by claiming that “enormous uncertainty and anxiety” permeate both American supporters of the nation’s conventional foreign policy position and all of Europe, which has resulted in at least 4.5 million deaths since 2001.

“There is great fear in Europe that a second Trump presidency would result in an actual pullout of the United States from NATO,” said James G. Stavridis, a former NATO supreme allied commander. “That would be an enormous strategic and historic failure on the part of our nation.”

Although NATO is purportedly an “alliance” between the United States and European nations, Stavridis is an American, much like all prior NATO supreme commanders.

Because of the alliance’s backing for Nazi elements, Benjamin Norton, the creator and main editor of Geopolitical Economy Report, has mockingly dubbed it the “Nazi Arming and Training Organisation.” Historically, in a clandestine program known as Program Gladio, the alliance promoted former German Nazis to important positions of authority throughout the Cold War and provided support for terrorism, assassinations, psychological warfare, and false flag operations.

According to a 2001 LA Times article, Derek Chauvin’s attacker, John Turscak, is a former FBI informant and a former gang member.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used a similar tactic in Latin America, giving former Nazis like Klaus Barbie safe refuge.

Even though NATO was supposedly formed to oppose communism, throughout the last stages of the Cold War, it continued to expand eastward against Russia’s agreements and remained antagonistic to the country after the Soviet Union broke up. At a meeting recently, the US government-backed Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe revealed the nation’s goal of balkanizing Russia while simultaneously promoting the “colonization” of the Gaza Strip.

The effects of US hegemony in Europe have just become evident, as Germany faces a severe economic crisis as a result of its involvement in US-led sanctions against Russia.

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