Deadly Virus Outbreak Triggers Mass Train Evacuation

Roman Busargin, the governor of Saratov Region, reported that 15 cases of influenza type A had been diagnosed in a lab. The deadly virus outbreak has triggered a mass train evacuation.

Deadly Virus Outbreak Triggers Mass Train Evacuation 1

The 12-year-old girl who died on a train on Thursday due to flu-like symptoms was the reason Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a criminal case. The girl was among more than a hundred youngsters who were later brought to the hospital for examinations of their health.

About 125 kids, escorted by adults, were supposedly from the Lugansk People’s Republic in Russia. They were returning from a health camp in Tyumen, Siberia.

One of the girls’ health took a sharp turn on Wednesday night, according to the authorities. Her initial temperature was 39° Celsius. Anticipating this, fever-reducing medications were administered. But according to Mash Ural, a Telegram channel, the girl “turned pale and lost consciousness” a few hours later.

Deadly Virus Outbreak Triggers Mass Train Evacuation 1

According to a statement from Russian Railways, the train’s leader made an unplanned stop at the closest station in the Saratov Region, in southeast Russia, and an ambulance was dispatched. “Unfortunately, despite the rapid arrival of a medical team at the station, the child could not be saved,” the statement continued.

According to the Investigative Committee’s report, a forensic test will ascertain the precise cause of death.

Health officials in the US are working quickly to ascertain the white lung outbreak and whether we should be worried.

After that, every other child in the group was brought to a nearby hospital. Roman Busargin, the governor of Saratov Region, reported that 15 of them had been diagnosed with influenza type A in a lab, and the majority had signs of an acute viral infection.

According to the Russian Health Ministry, seven of the 86 hospitalized youngsters have a high fever and are in a medium severity level. The young patients’ lives are not in danger, according to the statement. In a different hospital building, 38 other youngsters and 11 adult caregivers are being temporarily housed; they did not exhibit any symptoms.

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