David Icke Banned From EU And Designated As “Level Three Terrorist”

Gareth Icke, the son of David Icke, recently tweeted that his father has been banned and has been designated as a level three terrorist in the entire EU.

David Icke Banned From EU And Designated As “Level Three Terrorist”

The public speaker and former BBC television host was scheduled to attend an event this weekend in Amsterdam, but he will apparently be barred from visiting any country in the European Union for a period of two year.

“Received an email from the Dutch. Gareth Icke tweeted, “My dad, David Icke, has been banned from visiting the EU for two years. “They claim he is a “level three terrorist,” he added.

“The old man is banned from entering the Netherlands,” wrote Icke in another tweet. “Zero convictions, zero crimes committed. Banned by the government. Wow.”

Icke was scheduled to speak at a meeting called Together for the Netherlands, but radical leftist organisations appealed to the government and urged that he not be allowed in.

Amsterdam’s municipal also requested that the Dutch IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) “investigate whether Icke can be refused entry to the country,” and it appears that their request was granted.

Although it could not provide any specific examples, the town protested that Icke had made “anti-Semitic statements in the past that are unacceptable and deeply hurtful.”

The same authority even requested that Icke’s speech at the occasion “be closely monitored by the Public Prosecutor to assess whether criminal statements are being made” if he had been granted entry to the country.

Questions about the event were also asked in the Dutch parliament.

Icke was apparently prohibited from speaking in the Netherlands, and it is unclear why the ban reportedly extends to the entire European Union.

Icke was previously removed from several Big Tech platforms because of his opposition to lockdown and mandatory vaccination laws.

Icke was allegedly banned for speaking out against former Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his position within the World Economic Forum. This claim was made by several in response to the news.

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  1. David Icke is ‘ground-zero’ when it comes to revelations of ‘Cabal Manipulations’ in regards to Europe – – he is winning and ‘they’ are losing …bigly ! ……. …. shalom to all

  2. Unfortunately Mark Rutte, known for his constant lying to and deceiving of the Dutch population, is still prime minister of the Netherlands. It is his 4th government.

  3. It’s time to sanction the EU and the West in the USA. The recommendation is moved to Russia. Think about it. Don’t throw me in the briar patch

  4. I don’t agree with all of Ickes views, but I think he should have a right to express them. The side who screams for equality are those who are cancelling all views but their own.

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