COVID And The War Against The Human

The unvaccinated experienced increasing difficulty in many facets of daily life. Some people lost their friends, businesses dismissed them, and organizations limited their access to entertainment and travel options. Pertaining to this, here’s a book review of ‘The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19, and The War Against the Human.’

Book Review The Bodies Of Others The New Authoritarians COVID-19 And The War Against The Human

Dr. Naomi Wolf provides a fascinating description of her experiences, worries, and difficulties throughout the COVID period of 2020 to the beginning of 2022 in her new book, “The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human.”

The deterioration of American freedoms and fundamental human rights is the author’s main concern throughout the book. She believes that elite minorities and international organizations have been granted extraordinary powers. She discusses how American liberties are being lost.

Author Naomi Wolf at the 2012 Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas. (Public Domain)

The New Authoritarians

Several of the new authoritarians come from post-World War II meta-national institutions like the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. These organizations have produced a worldwide elite of bureaucrats, nonprofit executives, and lawmakers who do not have the interests of America’s core beliefs at heart and work on a global scale outside of a single culture.

Wolf claims that America has suffered.  She discusses a plan the new authoritarians implemented to destroy Western economies and seize the wealth of the working and middle classes.

According to Wolf, the imposition of vaccine passports is made possible by the widespread immunization of an unproven substance. In police states, people are required to carry their identification with them everywhere they go. A digital identity system resembling that of Communist China is represented by these passports.


In these comprehensive writings, Wolf discusses how previous illness outbreaks have always been handled differently than the COVID-19 disaster. Despite the destruction caused by previous crises, civilisation and commerce did not go to a halt.. Fear and false information were not spread in the past either. There were no lockdowns.

Wolf discusses the severe psychological toll that masks and lockdowns had. They included the lack of community support, fear, cabin fever, the crowded living quarters of different generations, and the isolation brought on by computer screens.

The difficulty of simply exercising outside in the fresh air should be added to this. As a result, many people became frightened, anxious, obsessive, phobic, and depressed. Several others fell ill and died.

She claims that by attempting to replace what is genuine with a false virtual representation of reality, the tech community reared its ugly head. Real conversation was replaced by social media. People were persuaded by Amazon that going to the neighborhood store or just window shopping was neither enjoyable or beneficial. Craigslist and Etsy were in competition with the thrill of taking country roads and discovering actual garage sales. Playing sports was replaced with Nintendo.

Wolf is most concerned about the kids. Children’s opportunities to play, see faces, and engage in social interaction were constrained by the lockdowns and masks. They were excused from class. They were instructed to avoid physical contact. A terrible price was paid by the newest generation, and it has just begun. Parents who spoke up to protest these restrictions were referred to as terrorists.

The War Against Humans

The best portion of the book, in my opinion, is when Wolf talks to the reader directly about how society is becoming more and more inhumane. She can clearly see how authoritarians want to split apart or, worse yet, destroy society.

The effort to separate has accelerated quickly as a result of identity politics. Then a fresh twist appeared: medical apartheid. The vaccinated were heralded as heroes by the mainstream media (MSM), who regarded them as superior to the unvaccinated. MSM launched an aggressive marketing push for “boosters” despite the purported vaccine’s declining potency.

The unvaccinated experienced increasing difficulty in many facets of daily life. Some people lost their friends, businesses dismissed them, and organizations limited their access to entertainment and travel options. Some even demanded that unvaccinated patients not receive medical attention.

Wolf was placed in seclusion because she was not immunized for medical and private reasons. Among the humiliations she endured were being barred from social gatherings she had previously attended, having a close friend of 40 years decline to sit next to her at a restaurant, being excluded from organizations, and being unable to attend a loved one’s graduation. Wolf says, “Cruelty became as contagious as any disease.”

There are two accounts of the cruelty she encountered. When Wolf visited New York, she dined in areas only the immunized were allowed. She was interrogated, which left her feeling quite uneasy. Although it was a real possibility, she was not punished.

Wolf made the decision to skip the weekly Shabbat services by Zoom once more when the area was under lockdown. She had recently moved and was unfamiliar with the congregation. She requested that they put up folding chairs in the parking lot outside the temple at a decent social distance from one another. This seemed acceptable to her because Jewish life had endured the worst environments for more than 4,000 years. She did not get what she wanted.

In the end, Wolf’s novel presents a spiritual conflict where “one side is wrestling for the human soul by targeting the human body that houses it, a body made in God’s likeness: the temple of God.”

Wolf studied at Yale University, where she earned her undergraduate degree, and Oxford University, where she earned her doctorate. She is the CEO of DailyClout, a data-driven civic and journalism organization, according to her LinkedIn profile. She is a nonfiction author who has produced eight New York Times and international bestsellers. Four of her columns have been syndicated.

With “The Beauty Myth” (1991), Wolf rose to national prominence as an ardent feminist who formerly backed prominent Democratic leaders. Wolf does not reside in an ivory tower despite having written multiple novels, many of which were bestsellers. She frequently expresses her opinions on her website, DailyClout, and openly participates in rallies on causes she is passionate about.

For the most recent information regarding the recently published Pfizer study that details the COVID non-vaccine, I advise readers to visit Wolf’s DailyClout.

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