COVID Vaccines’ Alteration Of DNA Could Extend To Reproductive Cells And Affect Babies

COVID vaccines’ alteration of DNA could extend to reproductive cells and affect babies. According to research, mRNA from COVID vaccinations can reach reproductive cells, and McCullough stated that this could have an impact on the genetic make-up of future generations.

COVID Vaccines' Alteration Of DNA Could Extend To Reproductive Cells And Affect Babies

The COVID vaccine has been shown to modify human DNA, according to a new Swedish study. One of the most talented and famous doctors in the U.S. is warning that this alteration could damage reproductive cells and lead to genetic changes in future generations.

Internist, cardiologist, and leading COVID physician Dr. Peter McCullough spoke on a talk show presented by Christian broadcaster Joni Lamb about the discovery made earlier this year that “the Pfizer vaccine, in fact, reverse transcribes and installs DNA into the human genome.”

The messenger RNA fragment from the Pfizer vaccine caused “changes” in the expression of the long interspersed nuclear element-1 (LINE-1), a component of the genome, according to Markus Aldén, the Swedish study’s principal investigator at Lund University. In order to create DNA copies of LINE-1 that can be inserted into the genome at various locations, LINE-1 is itself translated into a reverse transcriptase.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, “COVID-19 vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way.” This study’s findings refute those assertions.

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McCullough responded, “Yes, this is the alarming finding,” when asked if the COVID shot may then “affect your baby.”

McCullough acknowledged that there is a chance that the vaccine could have a negative impact on a baby’s genetic makeup but did not make a definite statement about it. To prove that the entire code is installed, and then to actually confirm that … the spike protein now is continuously expressed from human cells because the lipid nanoparticles are taken up everywhere,” he requested for additional research.

“That means,” continued McCullough, that “somatic cells in your organs,” but also gamete cells, “the cells that actually are the sperm and egg, if they are carrying it, that indeed means that in fact it could be passed to the daughter cells.”

“So that could open up for birth defects?” questioned Lamb.

Dr. Simone Gold, the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors and a medical freedom heroine, answered “Yes.”

A Japanese regulatory body’s “biodistribution study” (read below) on the effects of the Pfizer vaccine gives credence to the idea that DNA in human reproductive cells can be changed. The testes and ovaries were found to have notably high levels of spike protein, which is encoded by the jab’s mRNA.

The fact that thousands of women have reported irregular periods after receiving COVID-19 vaccine injections indicates that the shots have an effect on the reproductive system.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has presented evidence that the COVID vaccine has a “devastating” impact on fertility, including statistics showing that fertility has decreased on average by a staggering 15.2 percent from the previous year in the five nations with the highest adoption of the COVID vaccine.

In a speech to the legislature, Hungarian MP Dóró Dóra stated that “the birth rate fell” by a steep and significant “20% compared to the same period last year,” and that a researcher at the KRTK Institute of Economics point[ed] out that this drastic decline came just nine months after the COVID mass vaccinations began in Hungary.”

In the U.S., “provisional data from North Dakota shows a 10 percent decline in live births in February 2022, 13 percent reduction in March, and an 11 percent reduction in April, compared to the corresponding months in 2021,” Mercola reported.

Read the document below:

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