The Relation Between COVID Vaccine And Swollen Testicals According To Science

Nicki Minaj made a tweet about a friend of her cousin who got vaccinated and had orchitis  (swelling of the testicles) afterwards.

Nicki was globally mocked for this tweet by COVID vaccine experts and the mainstream media from around the world. As far as I could tell, not a single medical expert supported her position. Nobody in a position of authority came to her rescue. Nobody. 

It turns out Nicki was absolutely right. And all the world’s authorities and medical experts were incorrect (aka FOS).

This is known as an “inconvenient truth.”

The Relation Between COVID Vaccine And Swollen Testicals According To Science

I posted the scientific evidence on Nicki’s Twitter feed: the VAERS results, the Fisher Exact tests. Twitter blocked my main tweet (with all the sub tweets) shortly after I posted it so no one would learn the truth.

So I decided to write this article for TrialSiteNews so that everyone can decide for themselves who to believe.


Misinformation and VAERS

But first, let’s get a few housekeeping issues out of the way about me and about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the reporting system relied upon by the FDA and CDC to track adverse events.

I am not a medical expert. I am just an engineer from MIT who graduated in 1980 with a couple of degrees. I understand science, math, and statistics. I have no conflicts of interest. I have no history of giving out medical misinformation.

I’m also knowledgeable about the VAERS system. When you have an adverse event that you report to the V-SAFE application, you are directed to VAERS to report it. This doesn’t work so well if you are dead. This is why deaths are somewhat under-reported.

I’ve written articles showing that the VAERS data shows that over 150,000 deaths are due to the vaccine. But people dismiss that and cite the CDC disclaimer about VAERS. The CDC disclaimer gives people “permission” to ignore VAERS. The people who dismiss my arguments are not VAERS experts. 

I have 5 independent ways that arrive at the same number. Nobody has been able to supply a comparable analysis (with 6 different independent approaches) that all converge on a different number. They just claim my number is wrong. How can they know I’m wrong if they don’t have the “correct” analysis??

The CDC disclaimer is wrong on so many fronts. My favorite article on the lunacy of believing that CDC disclaimer is If Vaccine Adverse Events Tracking Systems Do Not Support Causal Inference, then “Pharmacovigilance” Does Not Exist.

To counter the CDC disclaimer, I offered to bet anyone $1M that there are over 20,000 deaths vs. under 500 deaths. I’d have bet a higher number, but nobody believes that even 20,000 deaths is remotely possible so 20,000 is sufficient to prove my point.

I discovered that nobody would bet me. Which tells us all that nobody in the world strongly believes that there are <500 deaths from the vaccine, because if they truly were confident of that, then this is a quick way to make $1M for a few hours of work. The CDC still says there are NO deaths caused by the vaccine. Just 500 deaths would stop the vaccine; it was around 50 deaths in 1976 when they halted the H1N1 vaccine nationwide.

Unfortunately, people think the CDC is correct in their VAERS disclaimer. So they attack me as being incorrect. The FDA dismisses my analysis with the hand-waving argument that they disagree with me and there is nothing further to discuss. This is precisely why they never see a safety signal in VAERS: the FDA and CDC will ignore any rational person who challenges their set of (incorrect) beliefs. 

It isn’t just me they won’t talk to; it is all of the VAERS experts, statisticians, doctors, and medical scientists that I confer with who all would love to challenge the false narrative. See the list at the end of this document

If you are looking for a safety signal and have found nothing, why aren’t the CDC and FDA interested in what we have to say?

How to find out who is telling you the truth on issues you don’t understand

One easy way to find the truth tellers is to see which side will put their money where their mouth is on important issues under discussion. 

Another way is a public debate. Truth tellers LOVE recorded public debates. Liars hate that and depend on censorship. Sound familiar? Censorship also takes the form of not running my op-eds, doing hit pieces on me, defaming me in Wikipedia, and making sure all reporters who support my position have their stories killed.

None of the “experts” who attack me will ever agree to a neutral public debate about this because they will be exposed as pushing an unsafe vaccine. There is no way they can explain all the evidence that is out there. The evidence is consistent with my hypothesis, not theirs. 

 Any open debate on vaccine safety would completely obliterate the narrative that the vaccines are safe and effective. That’s why the White House uses censorship as their weapon against people like me who are trying to tell the truth.

And just like they are unfairly attacking me, they are also unfairly attacking Nicki Minaj who did nothing more than tell the truth. They should all be ashamed of their behavior.

The “experts” all aligned to discredit Nicki

Here’s the Trinidad expert criticizing Nicki.

Here’s Sanjay Gupta laughing at Nicki Minaj:

Sanjay simply stated the vaccines don’t cause swollen testicles. That’s it. No evidence. Basically Sanjay is making this stuff up out of thin air. This is irresponsible medical journalism at its finest. Listen to him. He cites no evidence. He simply says the vaccines don’t cause this. That’s opposite to what the primary evidence (VAERS) says. Doesn’t seem to matter to him.

Fauci couldn’t resist commenting. He’s full of shit. “No evidence that it happens.” Are you kidding me? He’s a buffoon. He never even looked for the evidence that was in plain sight the entire time. This is how all this misinformation happens.
Here’s what I mean by hiding in “plain sight”… a web page summarizing all this that anyone can load:

It’s right there. There are line items for miscarriage, testicular pain/swelling. All the stuff Fauci said the vaccine didn’t cause… it’s all there in plain sight: miscarriages, menstrual disorders, testicular pain/swelling, erectile dysfunction, vaginal/uterine hemorrhage, etc.

Or there are article like this one:

If Fauci really wants to stop the medical misinformation, all he has to do is stop talking. Simple. Effective. Problem solved.

Comedians chimed in their expertise in the vaccine field:

Trinidad officials said it was a wild goose chase.

Basically, these experts ignore all the negative data that doesn’t fit their agenda. And they gang up on anyone who has the courage to speak the truth to silence and ridicule them.

And Congress enables all this by doing absolutely nothing to stop the censorship.

All the evidence shows that all the experts were wrong and Nicki is right

Instead of people issuing opinions on whether vaccines cause orchitis or not, isn’t it time for us to look at the scientific data?

Did anyone produce any evidence that her cousin’s friend was lying? Nope.

That’s our first clue that she’s telling the truth. 

So I did a full investigation in VAERS and posted the result. But because it started heavily trending, Twitter censored it within hours of posting.

Here’s the first message. Nobody is allowed to see the sub-tweets… all censored.

Through censorship, Twitter is basically preventing the spread of legitimate scientific data so that NOBODY WILL EVER FIND OUT the truth. 

There was nothing misleading at all about the tweet. It was 100% factual. But you cannot argue with the Twitter censors. They are ALWAYS right and there is no appeal. 

Truth about the vaccine must be censored because if it wasn’t censored, they wouldn’t be able to get anyone to take it. Censorship is hugely important, especially on social media platforms. When you have a product that is so unsafe that anyone informed wouldn’t take it, you can’t do it without censorship help.

Suppressing the truth is bad enough, but then you are given a very biased statement that fails to point out that the drug company’s own studies  do not agree with these health officials.

Twitter never mentions that Pfizer’s own data shows that the vaccines kill more people than they save (18 vaccine group vs. 14 in placebo group). Why not give a balanced picture? Why are you giving expert opinions of experts who are wrong (and won’t debate the safety in a fair debate) rather than telling the world that the actual DATA from Pfizer doesn’t support the safety story?

In evidence based medicine, a double-blind randomized controlled trial data always out ranks expert opinion. But Twitter can’t figure that out. They probably never will.

Will any of these people ever apologize to Nicki? I doubt it. Because that would be an admission that 1) the vaccines caused an event that the FDA and CDC missed, and 2) it would expose all the world’s experts as giving out misinformation and 3) that Twitter was deliberately censoring truthful medical information. It’s not going to happen.

How could all the experts be wrong? Simple. They don’t check the data before they criticize people for making truthful statements. If you make any statement that is against the false narrative that the vaccines are safe and effective, you will get shot down, even when the facts don’t support it.

So, with that out the way, let’s get into the data.

An impossible anecdote

First we have a really interesting anecdote from one of my Twitter followers who saw my post. I just talked to him on the phone. It’s legit. There were 10 kids in the group:

So this is statistically IMPOSSIBLE (i.e., “highly unlikely to ever happen in your lifetime”) if the vaccines don’t cause this condition. I suspect this anecdote is not isolated. This is likely under-reported due to embarrassment. 

Does this really affect half of teenage boys? I don’t know. The URF of this symptom would be really high.. Much higher than the 41 we’ll use below.

At this point, we have two anecdotes from people we trust suggesting that this is real.

VAERS analysis confirms testicular swelling events are elevated after the COVID vaccines

Let’s see if we can also confirm in VAERS as that would really add a lot of weight to the argument that this wasn’t just a “coincidence.” And then we’ll talk about mechanisms of action confirmation for even more credibility.

It’s always nice when we use a large primary safety data source like VAERS. It will also show everyone just how under-reported VAERS is. Even if just one of those 10 kids was telling the truth, the under-reporting factor in VAERS for this condition is likely huge.

So now let’s dig into the data. We’ll use a VAERS under-reporting factor (URF) of 41 based on my previous work. This is very conservative. The article also discusses the propensity to report and that allows us to compare previous years with this year with a correction factor (we are not trying to get a super accurate answer but just get in the ballpark).

Now we run some VAERS comparative analysis between what gets reported in a typical year vs. this year.

The second analysis was over 10 years (all vaccines). 64/3.6 is a 17.7X higher incidence rate than for a typical vaccine side effect. That’s clearly an elevated condition.

If we multiply each event by the URF of 41, we can then do a test for statistical significance over 200M people and that easily passes:

VAERS analysis confirms orchitis events are elevated after the COVID vaccines

Now we do the same test for orchitis which is another name for the same class of symptoms:

So we have 20 / 1.3 = 15.3 X elevation so not that much different than we found earlier (17.7X).

Clearly both are elevated. Now we multiply by the URF of 41 (which is very conservative) and test for significance:

In short, so far, all the data we have shows Nicki was right and the experts were wrong.

VAERS analysis confirms erectile dysfunction events are elevated after the COVID vaccines

Here’s the search for COVID vaccines:

Here’s the search for 10 years worth of all previous vaccines:

So 171/1.8 = 95X

In other words, your chance of impotence is elevated by nearly 100X after the COVID vaccine vs other vaccines. We have all the Bradford-Hill criteria now satisfied for causality. In addition we can add dose dependency (97 dose 1 and 43 on dose 2) as shown below.

But 15% fewer people get the second dose, and the vast majority of the people who skip the second dose are those who either (1) had a bad reaction to the first dose or (2) saw their friends having a bad reaction and decided to skip it (the slide showing this is midway in the deck). So the number should be 15% lower on the second dose reports. It isn’t. So there is dose dependency here as well, likely that people after the second dose reacted so badly they didn’t come back for a second dose.

As for the test for significance, here it is:

So once again, all the experts were wrong. The effect is highly statistically significant.

Mechanism of action

Is there a plausible mechanism of action here that can be causing the swelling. 

Absolutely. Physicians are experiencing swelling in other parts of the body. Why would the testes be an exception? If you do a VAERS search for “swelling” you see that I’m right. It’s happening all over people’s bodies.

Here’s a plot of the biodistribution of the lipid nanoparticles that are used to deliver the mRNA instructions. Note that some organs are omitted so you can see the detail more clearly. 

Clearly the ovaries are having much more uptake than the testes.

So if we refer to the original Pfizer data, and look for the heart on page 16 and the testes on page 17.  We see comparable concentrations at 48 hours!

We know the vaccines injure kids’ hearts (myocarditis). Since it looks like we’re delivering similar amounts to the testes, it is plausible to believe that the testes might be damaged in a similar way due to the blood clots and inflammation that the spike protein causes. 

Finally, keep in mind that the spike protein is toxic and it is being delivered to every part of your body. Even if Wikipedia doesn’t agree with me, the scientific literature does. Here is a mix of papers and articles referencing papers on this:

  1. Be aware of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein: There is more than meets the eye
  2. Toxicological insights of Spike fragments SARS-CoV-2 by exposure environment: A threat to aquatic health?
  3. SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2 
  4. Pay no attention to the spike proteins behind the curtain
  5. Clearing up misinformation about the spike protein and COVID vaccines 

Attacks on this analysis

If you think I’m wrong and the vaccines cannot cause this symptom, I will make the same $1M bet. The terms would be similar to the term sheet I use for betting people on vaccine deaths (we’d substitute “vaccine causes testicular swelling” as the item to be decided upon).

So if you think Fauci is right, see my term sheet and have your attorney contact my attorney.

Attacks on this analysis like “VAERS is over-reported this year” or “there are 2 false report in VAERS” or “you are not a doctor” or anything else like that are all instantly defeatable by the bet. If you think any of your criticisms are valid, then why not take my money? If you are not willing to back your arguments with cash, that tells me you are not confident at all in your position and you are just trying to create FUD and waste my time. That’s counter-productive. The bet simply makes it crystal clear who is serious and who is not.

In short, none of the world experts who criticized Nicki will put their money where their mouth is. Instead, they will continue to spread misinformation and not be held accountable for it. 

Recently, I was in a debate with Honourable Fitzgerald Ethelbert Hinds, the Minister of National Security for Trinidad/Tobago on Power102fm radio. The radio station booted me off the zoom call when it was clear that Minister Hinds was losing badly. The comments from the Trinidad listeners were telling. None of them supported their own official. This is why nobody wants to debate me; because the public can see who is telling the truth when a liar and a truth teller get into a debate.


This sums things up pretty nicely:

Thank you Nicki Minaj for telling the truth and not backing down when you were unfairly attacked. 

I hope you will take a look at the vaccine information I’ve posted at and help people to become aware of it.

A note to the fact checkers

Before you fact check this article and spew out more misinformation doing so, why don’t you educate yourself on the facts first by at least reading the 600 pages of  material I prepared for you here so you will at least know something. 

Not that it will make any difference.

After this article is falsely fact checked, I’ll modify the article to respond to the fact check.

And the fact checkers will never debate me or bet me that they are right. They are faceless and nameless and operate in the shadows and don’t respond to corrections. 

If you want to fact check me, show yourself and debate me in a public forum. 

But they will never do this. They would lose. Badly. Just like Minister Hinds. That’s why they never dare show their names or faces. The evidence is not supportive.

A simple law could restore freedom of “true” speech

It would be great if there were a federal law enabling anyone to recover statutory damages of $50,000 anytime a large social media company blocked information that was factual (and not illegal). That’s a simple law. Wouldn’t it be great if truth would be protected in America?

This would REALLY fix the censorship problem in a heartbeat. 

A note about censorship

I’m also sure that all the social media companies will block any message or tweet that tries to reference this article. They do not want you to read this article. Because if you read this article, you will realize how they have been lying to you about the safety and side-effects of the vaccine from the very beginning.

Sadly, no one in Congress wants to ensure that “truth” is protected from censorship on the popular communication platforms.

We live in a new world today. I’ve never seen anything like this.

Steve Kirsch is a Silicon valley tech entrepreneur. CEO of M10. Started COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund because repurposed drugs are fastest, cheapest way to end the pandemic and the government wasn’t funding the top drugs/researchers. We funded the fluvoxamine trials. Taken early enough fluvoxamine can help prevent hospitalization and long haul COVID (PACS). Close to 100% effect size in clinical use. This article was originally published by TrialSiteNews.

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  1. Bombshell leak: Countries that buy Pfizer’s vaccine undertake to break the law
    Leaked information from confidential agreements that vaccine manufacturer Pfizer concluded with a large number of buyer countries, revealed slave contracts that violate legislation in each and every country. Buyers undertake to break all laws that stand in the way of mass vaccination. The buyers also undertake to bear all costs and all responsibility for the experimental jabs and waive the right to breach the agreement.
    Published: August 8, 2021, 12:09 pm
    In history’s largest medical experiment with “vaccines” that have not been approved for use in humans, it is the buyers’ responsibility to defend Pfizer for causing harm, leaked documents showed. Pfizer has escaped all liability and is indemnified, arguing that side effects and the long-term effects of the injections are unknown – to the company as well. Pfizer thus admits that an insufficiently tested product is being pushed in literally billions of doses on the world market.
    This means that all responsibility for costs, healthcare, etc. due to vaccine damage – no matter how large and onerous – is passed on to the taxpayers in the countries that have signed the agreements. Since the agreements put each country’s own laws out of play, they have all been signed at government level. The design of the agreements is an important explanation for why the propaganda for mass vaccination is of a totalitarian nature and does not allow for debate or questioning.
    In view of the fact that the majority of those now in hospital for Covid-19 are fully vaccinated – a situation that buyers could never have anticipated – the agreements certainly appear to be criminal. The buyer countries have been forced to sign the blank agreements, without knowing what they were actually buying.
    On July 28 , NBC Chicago reported that 169 people in Illinois died and 644 were hospitalized for Covid-19. Everyone was fully vaccinated. Israel with 9,3 million inhabitants was among the first to sign an agreement with Pfizer. The vaccination rate in the country is 55 percent, and 11 051 469 vaccine doses have been distributed. On June 30, the alarming news broke that fully vaccinated patients accounted for half of Covid adults hospitalized in Israel. In just over a month, the numbers have increased dramatically.
    Albania’s agreement with Pfizer
    Even from Iceland, which has a vaccination rate of as much as 71,1 percent, there are worrying reports that the majority of hospitalized Covid-19s have been fully vaccinated. Vaccines that have been presented as “safe” and painted as the only salvation in the pandemic, have turned out to be the opposite. Pfizer had good reason to force binding agreements with buyer countries before the truth about the “vaccines” started emerging. One of the top managers in the WHO, Mariangela Simao, admit that people can not feel safe just because they have taken the jab. Vaccines are not enough to prevent the spread of infection.
    Israeli Ehden Biber, a cyber security expert, has revealed Pfizer’s agreement with the buyer countries. Photo: Private
    It is Israeli cyber security expert, Ehden Biber, who lives in England, that is responsible for the sensational leak regarding the agreements of Pfizer and its customers. Unsurprisingly, the explosive information he recently shared on Twitter on this issue was immediately deleted.
    The basis of Biber’s revelation is Albania’s agreement with Pfizer, which was published in the newspaper in January. Curiously, not a single journalist investigated the leak or found it interesting enough to report on.
    “They should be ashamed,” said Ehden Biber, who has also leaked Pfizer’s agreements with the EU, Israel, Brazil (signed by Roberto Ferreira Dias, head of the logistics department) and the Dominican Republic. The agreements are designed in the same way, only with different pricing based on what countries could endure. Albania pays $12 per dose, the United States $19,5 per dose and Israel $62 per dose.
    “Netanyahu [Israel’s former prime minister] is certainly a magician – he made Israel pay $62 per vaccine dose – five times more than Albania – and got people to worship him for the lousy deal,” noted Biber.
    A group of independent investigative journalists in South America has revealed that Pfizer in negotiations with Brazil and Argentina, among others, demanded that the country provide state assets such as embassy buildings and military bases as a guarantee for future costs for possible lawsuits.
    The negotiations have been marked by conflicts and delays, and government officials have stated that they were being held hostage by “life-saving vaccines”. After protracted and divisive controversies, Argentina did not sign an agreement until 27 July with Pfizer for about 20 million vaccine doses.
    Pfizer has negotiated with more than a hundred countries and signed agreements with a dozen countries in Latin America that have been forced to agree to the company’s outrageous demands. The industry’s greed and abuse are all the clearer in light of the fact that Pfizer and other vaccine manufacturers had received generous grants of hundreds of millions of dollars from several governments throughout the vaccine development process. The German government, for example, gave Pfizer’s business partner BioNTech $445 million.
    Sweden has recently obediently agreed to increased prices per vaccine dose in the EU’s latest agreement with Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna. For Pfizer/BioNTech, this is an increase from around SEK 160 to SEK 200 per dose. For Moderna from 190 to about 220 kronor, according to the Financial Times.
    The reason for the price increase is that the vaccine has been “updated”. Sweden’s “vaccine coordinator”, pharmacist Richard Bergström (with a long history in the pharmaceutical industry) welcomed the price hike. “It’s well worth the money. I call it an ‘all inclusive’ award.”
    There is no way out or any way for the buyers to break the agreement if it turns out that the “vaccine” is harmful and large parts of the population suffer from death or other serious side effects. The buyer must complete the agreement and pay the full amount anyway.
    Some samples from the confidential agreements
    · The purchaser is aware that the efficacy and long-term effects of the vaccine are unknown and that side effects may occur which are not currently known.
    · The buyer must pay Pfizer for the ordered doses, regardless of how many you use and regardless of whether Pfizer has the preparation approved by the authorities. ” (This was written before the FDA’s emergency approval of the so-called “vaccines”).
    · The buyer hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Pfizer/BioNTech and their subsidiaries indemnified against all claims, documents, claims, losses, damages, debts, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses.
    · The buyer must pay all losses, including and without limitation costs for legal fees and other legal costs.
    · Buyer must indemnify Pfizer for claims and all losses and must implement this through statutory or regulatory requirements.
    · Pfizer has the right to make necessary adjustments to the agreed number of contracted doses and delivery schedule, based on principles decided by Pfizer. The buyer is obliged to agree to any change.
    · The agreement must be kept secret for ten years.
    · However, for the state of Israel’s agreement with Pfizer, signed by the Israeli Ministry of Health on January 6, a full 30 years of secrecy apply. The reason is unclear.
    The Covid vaccines were emergency approved (EUA) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on December 1, 2020 – in violation of the agency’s own rules. Emergency approval can only be granted if there is no other, effective treatment. Such treatments exist – but were eliminated by medical authorities around the world. The reason was simple: if effective drug treatments were available, the FDA’s emergency approval would be invalidated and the “vaccines” would be illegal.
    Both Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) and the 2015 Nobel Prize-winning drug Scatol (Ivermectin) have been shown to be effective and safe. they areb also cheap, because the patents have expired. Ivermectin has been used for 35 years and 4 billion doses have been distributed. But on March 31, the corrupt WHO banned Ivermectin from treating Covid-19 with the argument “insufficient safety”, despite studies showing that Ivermectin, if used at an early stage of the disease, reduced mortality by 74 percent and has 85 percent efficiency if used as prophylaxis.
    International health authorities, including the Swedish Medicines Agency, have slavishly complied with the WHO’s injunctions.
    Pfizer demanded that embassy buildings and military bases be provided as a guarantee for future costs for possible lawsuits
    Mainstream media around the world have contributed to denying patients good and tested treatments by not raising any questions or concerns. Ivermectin was called a “veterinary medicine” and “dangerous”. On May 22, the two reputable medical journals The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine published false articles alleging studies of nearly 100 000 Covid-19 patients in 671 hospitals and six continents. The bottom line was that Hydroxychloroquine was ruled out as an effective Covid-19 treatment.
    Their scam came down to sheer political and medical terrorism. When the scam was revealed and the authors of the article Surgisphere, an obscure small business in Illinois, could not show the data on which the article was based, both The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine were forced on June 4 to retract the article and apologize to readers. But by then the system media’s journalists were no longer interested, so the public was never informed about the scam. The publication error nevertheless had serious consequences. The Swedish Medicines Agency banned Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) for indications other than rheumatism. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were thus sacrificed to prepare the market for the vaccine manufacturers’ multi-billion profits. And in addition, millions of patients with Covid were sacrificed. They all might have recovered if they had received the proven medicines.
    Why does any country sign such a slave contract at all and agree to break its own laws?
    One explanation is the worldwide mass psychosis and the panic and pressure that erupted at the same time as the Corona pandemic in early 2020.
    “The globalist entity Pfizer hates nation states and does not recognize their laws and acts as a government that governs other governments in the world. If you look at the complete lawlessness and meltdown of the once stable institutions around the world, you can see that Big Pharma (the multinational pharmaceutical industry) is being used as a massive brick wall to break down national laws and national sovereignty in all countries,” said Ehden Biber.
    “Anyone who takes part in the agreements realizes that there are good reasons for Pfizer to keep it a secret and why they make an effort to hide the details of the agreements.”
    The Trusted News Initiative took a decision on 10 December 2020, which in practice means that the media undertakes not to report objectively on Covid vaccines. Photo: The Trusted News Initiative
    The FDA thus gave an emergency approval to the so-called “Covid vaccines” on December 1, 2020. Ten days later, TNI (Trusted News Initiative), an association of several of the world’s leading media houses and major online platforms, decided to “pioneer a global vaccine campaign and combat the spread of ‘harmful misinformation’ about vaccines”. It was announced at the World Press Freedom Conference on December 10, 2020.
    Business magazine Biz News, reported on the initiative: “In a surprisingly underreported event, many of the world’s biggest media, agreed to promote the global vaccine rollout and focus on combating the spread of harmful vaccine disinformation.”
    Thus the world’s most influential media groups have decided to act as megaphones for the interests of the vaccine industry and state pharmaceutical authorities. The agreement explains something that has long been obvious to many media consumers, namely the media’s startling one-sided propaganda for the vaccines.
    TNI members are some of the largest and leading media houses and news agencies in the world, including the news agencies AP and AFP, Reuters, British BBC, CBC Canada, European Broadcast Union, Facebook, Financial Times, First Draft, Google, YouTube, The Hindu , Microsoft, Twitter and the Washington Post.
    Privately owned online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google, due to their extreme profitability, evidently colluded with the established media in their efforts to restrict freedom of expression – something that millions of users have experienced in recent years. In Sweden, a seemingly lobotomized and paralyzed journalist corps has so far acted as the megaphones of the Public Health Agency and the vaccine industry and only delivered one-sided vaccine propaganda. The same shills are seen over and over on media platforms, voicing no criticism, opposing views or even questions.
    And as if that were not bad enough, one and the same person, James Smith, sits on the board of both Reuters news agency and Pfizer: Two incompatible roles.
    James / Jim Smith have incompatible roles. He sits on the board of both Pfizer and the news agency Reuters, one of the media houses that have promised to be at the forefront of the ‘vaccine’ scam. Photos: Reuters, Pfizer
    He was previously CEO of Reuters and now calls himself Jim Smith. On Pfizer’s board, he was known as James Smith. In an attempt to hide his dual role, he has removed his image from his LinkedIn profile., but it’s the same person. He is also a member of the International Business Council of the globalist body World Economic Forum.

  2. Of course you’ve never seen anything like this. The social media monopolies have created a dystopia. I used to believe that because the internet existed, there could NEVER be a dystopia like the ones I read about (Brave New World, 1984, We The Living) … but I was 100% wrong … the very existence of the internet is accelerating a kind of Hunger Games future.

  3. Nikki is right!! And by the way she is a very smart lady.

    So what is happening is that whenever there is information that doesn’t fit their story they scrub it off the internet and write hit pieces to discredit it with their bots and fake factcheckers.

    This happened after the Spanish docs released their findings that the shots contained graphene. There was lots of published papers explaining the use of graphene in vaccines and flu shots and a week later it was all scrubbed and the story was that graphene is not in the shots.
    So the conclusion is the truth is the opposite of what you read online. But nobody is talking about the big truth that when you are injected with the fake vaccine you are sterilizing yourself.

  4. Chin up , Mark – – exposure comes first , yet our ‘redemption draws nigh’ . i can feel it , hope u do too ! …….. …..shalom,a.j.

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