Spanish Drug Safety Expert Says Mass COVID Vaccination Is Unprecedented Global Experiment

A Spanish drug safety expert has claimed that mass COVID vaccination is an unprecedented ‘global experiment’. He also slammed the usage of vaccination passports, which he claims lack scientific backing because COVID vaccinations don’t really inhibit transmission.

Spanish Drug Safety Expert Says Mass COVID Vaccination Is Unprecedented Global Experiment

At a COVID immunisation inquiry committee in Spain, a Spanish pharmacovigilance specialist voiced publicly against the COVID-19 vaccinations.

On Monday, Joan-Ramón Laporte Roselló, a pharmacovigilance external expert for the European Medicines Agency and honorary professor at the University of Barcelona, spoke to the commission for 50 minutes about COVID vaccines, claiming that “the so-called Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not true vaccines” and thus do not “save lives.”

In Spain, Laporte is a pharmacovigilance pioneer. Until the formation of the Spanish Medicines Agency in 1999, he had been the director of the Coordinating Center for the Spanish Pharmacovigilance System and a member of the National Pharmacovigilance Commission. In 2004, Laporte served as the chairman of the World Health Organization’s critical medicines panel, which was based outside of Spain.

YouTube banned a video of Laporte’s speech at the commission citing the reason of it “violating community guidelines.”

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A global experiment

Laporte opposes COVID vaccines, as do doctors Malone and McCullough in the United States, mostly owing of to the mRNA technology employed in them, which he claims is a new technique that varies from how previous vaccines function.

“Traditional vaccines are attenuated germs or portions of germs that stimulate the immune system, [whereas] messenger RNA vaccines introduce a nucleic acid that instructs cells in the vaccinated person to make this virus protein, the so-called spike protein, which in turn will stimulate the immune system,” he explained.

The COVID vaccines, according to Laporte, are “drugs based on a technology never used in therapeutics until now,” and mass inoculation against COVID is “a global experiment unprecedented in human history.”

The inefficacy of the COVID vaccines

Authorities, the mainstream press, and pharmaceutical firms have all claimed that COVID vaccinations “save lives,” according to the pharmacovigilance specialist. He argued that clinical trials had not revealed this.

“No, ladies and gentlemen, clinical trials have not shown that ‘the vaccines save lives,’” he said.

Dr. Peter Doshi, another drug safety specialist, has rejected that assertion as well.

Doshi said in November of last year that COVID vaccination clinical trials “did not show a reduction in death even for COVID deaths as opposed to other causes,” and he backed up his assertion with evidence.

Moreover, experts frequently refer to statistics from the Pfizer and Morderna clinical studies, which reveal that the vaccination groups have a comparable or higher percentage of COVID mortality than the placebo groups.

When it comes to vaccination efficacy, Laporte discovered that it “decreases from 20% to 30% six months after the second dose.”

He condemned pharmaceutical corporations of profiteering by exploiting this reality.

“It is curious that, instead of taking note of this fact as a shortcoming of the vaccines, the manufacturers welcomed this news with a rise in their stock price,” he said. “If a product is ineffective or only partially effective, it becomes necessary to repeat doses if possible, throughout life, which is he dream of any seller.”

The vaccine passport has no basis in science

Laporte also slammed the usage of vaccination passports, which he claims lack scientific backing because COVID vaccinations don’t really inhibit transmission.

“It is clear that vaccines do not prevent transmission of the disease, so the passport or certificate had no scientific basis and may also have contributed to increasing the number of cases, since it gave a false sense of security,” he said.

Adverse Events

Laporte then went on to talk about the millions of adverse reactions linked to COVID immunizations that have already been recorded all around globe, including myocarditis, and how the public has been given grossly misrepresented incidence estimates for these types of occurrences.

“First we were told that the incidence could be one case per million; later the estimate was lowered to one case per 100,000; then an Israeli study came out that spoke of one case per 10,000 in young adults,” he mentioned this before mentioning the numerous reports of COVID vaccine-related injuries in young athletes, as well as the conventional press’s indifference on the subject.

“You will have seen or heard of famous soccer players and even spectators at sporting events who collapse in the middle of the game. These are vaccinated people who have heart problems possibly attributable to vaccination, and this is not talked about.”

Conflicts of interest

Laporte closed his speech by criticizing the conflicts of interest which exists amongst healthcare experts and pharmaceutical companies, stating that “none of the speakers representing professional corporations made the slightest allusion to the conflicts of interest of the majority of Spanish medical societies, of the members of their boards of directors and of their working groups.”

“Spain is the most permissive member of the European Union in terms of conflicts of interest and opaque relationships of healthcare professionals with pharmaceutical companies,” he added.

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