30% Of People In India Believe COVID Is A Myth

There have been claims asserting that the pandemic is a myth around the world, the belief was least popular in Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Denmark, with results ranging from three to five percent. On the other hand, 30% Of People in India believe COVID is a myth.

30% Of People In India Believe COVID Is A Myth

If there’s any aspect we’ve discovered from the pandemic, it’s that everyone approaches the issues in their own unique way.

Covid-19 has stirred up a slew of difficult issues that society and individuals must grapple with and respond to. Where these variations depart from the domain of “normal” and reasonable, as Statista’s Martin Armstrong brings out, is when people fully deny the truth of the situation, claiming that the coronavirus is a myth produced by “some powerful forces” and that the virus doesn’t really exist.

This is the phrase used during a recent YouGov poll to determine the degree to which people throughout the globe think this.

30% Of People In India Believe COVID Is A Myth
Statista has a plethora of infographics.

In India, wherein 30 percent of (urban) participants shared this opinion on the epidemic, belief in the idea was by far the most popular of the 24 nations polled.

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With 23, 20, and 19 percent, respectively, South Africa, Indonesia, and Nigeria shone apart.

On the other hand, belief was least popular in Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Denmark, with results ranging from three to five percent.

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  1. Well, India believed imperialism was a myth – and proved it by ousting the Raj with Gandhi’spassive, massive civil disobedience campaign. We need to copy their example and consign the biomedical state and the Great Reset to the dustbin of history where they rightly belong.

  2. Indian people know a lot about stories and swindles, its part of everyday life as well, if there is one culture on Earth which knows the power of the word is the India, the light of the world.

  3. One needs only to go read “Operation Lock Step” to see how the Flesh Edomite-ashkeNAZI Jews have planned, since 1989, taking and keeping people in fear, which is a sin against God and taking and keeping total power and control over the sheeple who obey their TVs. Wake up – read aloud, faith by hearing, the KJV bible and study precept upon precept (commandment0 and line upon line (connecting the OT with the NT) and understanding what is written in 1 Cor 15:46 First is natural – Last is spiritual. The New Heaven and New Earth are spiritual NOT natural so stop believing you will go live in the natural Land of Israel because Israel are the born again Christians!! NOT those liars of the synaGOGue of Satan who are led by GOG/Satan.

  4. That is because India’s media and India’s intellectuals have always been reported the truth on covid with courage, unlike in the West. Whether it is News sites (like GreatGameIndia), Wikis (like Dharmapedia), Intellectuals (like Rajiv Malhotra), politicians (like Dipali Ojha), doctors (like Aseem Malhotra) or epidemiologists (like Dr. Jay Bhattacharya).

    Thanks to the truthful media in India, almost no one believes the lies about covid and covid vaccines in India (at least nobody with an IQ above room temperature).

  5. @Michael, Gandhi’s so-called ‘passive, massive civil disobedience campaign’ actually extended the Raj by three decades. It was the mutiny of the armed forces, especially the navy, after world war two, that brought the Raj to an end. If not for the mysterious arrival of Gandhi from South Africa in 1915, the Raj would have come to an end in a few years after world war one.

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