Eradication Of COVID Is A Dangerous And Expensive Fantasy

According to the world renowned Stanford University scientist Professor-Doctor Jayanta Bhattacharya and top global economist Donald Boudreaux, the idea of eradication of Covid is a dangerous and expensive fantasy.

Eradication Of COVID Is A Dangerous And Expensive Fantasy

Bhattacharya and Boudreaux explained the concept in an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal:

“It seemed to work in New Zealand and Australia, but now ruinous, oppressive lockdowns are back.

Much of the pathology underlying Covid policy arises from the fantasy that it is possible to eradicate the virus.

Capitalizing on pandemic panic, governments and compliant media have used the lure of zero-Covid to induce obedience to harsh and arbitrary lockdown policies and associated violations of civil liberties.

Humanity’s unimpressive track record of deliberately eradicating contagious diseases warns us that lockdown measures, however draconian, can’t work.

Thus far, the number of such diseases so eliminated stands at two—and one of these, rinderpest, affected only even-toed ungulates.

The lone human infectious disease we’ve deliberately eradicated is smallpox. The bacterium responsible for the Black Death, the 14th-century outbreak of bubonic plague, is still with us, causing infections even in the U.S.

While the eradication of smallpox—a virus 100 times as deadly as Covid—was an impressive feat, it shouldn’t be used as a precedent for Covid.

For one thing, unlike smallpox, which was carried only by humans, SARS-CoV-2 is also carried by animals, which some hypothesize can spread the disease to humans.

We will need to rid ourselves of dogs, cats, mink, bats and more to get to zero.

For another, the smallpox vaccine is incredibly effective at preventing infection and severe disease, even after exposure to disease, with protection lasting five to 10 years.

The Covid vaccines are far less effective at preventing spread.

And smallpox eradication required a concerted global effort lasting decades and unprecedented cooperation among nations.

Nothing like this is possible today, especially if it requires a perpetual lockdown in every country on earth.

The only practical course is to live with the virus in the same way that we have learned to live over millennia with countless other pathogens.”

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  1. Riddle me this, Batman. How does one eradicate something that has never been proven to exist in the first place?

    At least Alberta has legally acknowledged there’s no proof of the virus. How about everyone else get on board with the fundamental lie behind this pandemic deception?

  2. Instead, the eradication of the Deep Staters is inevitable and the responsiblity of each us. The global fraud of “covid” whih doesn’t exist at all, all the criminals in the game of tyrannical narrative, the globally coordinated and World Bank/IMF – EU – funded agenda of the depopulation will be eradicated soon: the factions of the United Nations, WHO, European Commission, CDC, CIA, FBI, FDA, DARPA, Department of Justice of the US, UK Gavi, UK foreign office Disinformation and propaganda and manipulation sections, MI6, IRS, FRB, all other global pharmaceutical companies’ CEO and the relevant executives, Obama ex-US President criminal, all other rotton rat Democrats of the U.S. , relevant employees and management of Reuters, BBC, AP, NewYork Times, CNN, and any other complice, all of these will be eradicated and executed soon. The offensie has already begun.
    Luckily, Bill Gates or William Henry Gates III is already arrested and waiting for final execution most probably first by the Covid Pfizer mRNA vax to see what reaction this criminal will show, and by the second dose of it, and confirming the whole body contaminated with spike proteins and graphene oxide, blood clots, injecting lethal chemicals to finish this evil. The whole global agenda will collapse. There has been no such virus as SARS-Cov-2. This was never morphologically isolated and observed and confirmed by microscope. The main stream mass media only made up the story and cheated the global audience.

    We don’t need an eradiction of a fake disease invented for the purpose of the poison marketing.

  3. Smallpox has not been eradicated. A sample was held by the American’s who were in a quandary as to whether they had the right to exterminate it from humankind forever, so to ease their minds on that, they divided their sample into 2 parts and sent one part to Russia and held their own sample in storage for eternity.

    However, according to a person who skipped from Russia to the West, the Russians weaponized their sample of Smallpox and have hundreds of gallons of the stuff, for use at will, so the American’s retrieved their sample and weaponized it too and now there are thousands of gallons of weaponized Smallpox, for use, should that ever prove necessary.

    After reading the contract that governments have made with Pfizer (see below), they have committed us all to the whims of the God Pfizer and the mRNA vaccines which they must impose on us, sooner or later.

    The mRNA vaccines have been noted to drive the pandemic and not cure it of anything and even the mRNA vaccines are now suspect of not being able to stop Covid at all, irrespective of if the mRNA vaccines don’t kill you first, after the first or second shots, then it seems that Covid/mRNA shots will eventually anyway.

    Even Pfizer don’t know how effective their vaccines are or might be, but because they have blanket immunity from prosecution, that is not their problem, just “ours”.

    I refer to my free cure which you can find on my Twitter Blog RichardNoakes19 to kill Coronavirus, during the open/early stages of the infection and not leave it to the mRNA vaccinations to hopefully do that, some 20 days later on, when it is rampant in your body and potentially causing Pneumonia which might very well kill you:

    Those of us who are mRNA vaccinated are potentially the new Jews and Pfizer our executioner, care of the politicians who made this possible, who DO NOT have blanket immunity from prosecution, or the employers who demand – no jab, no job..

    I fear the battle is over, the war is lost and it will only be a matter of time before Big Pharma has total control over all of us and we are forced to do their bidding, almost as if the wheel of time has turned full circle from 1939 – 1945 to 2021.

    Pfizer vaccine contracts with governments strangle people’s rights with no recourse for obvious malfeasance
    Aug 4
    Cybersecurity Expert Ehden Biber has legally obtained copies of the Pfizer contracts with Albania, Brazil, Israel and the EU.
    He discovered the first one on an Albanian website, where it was published on January 2021. Its veracity was confirmed when he was able to see Brazil’s Pfizer contract, which is virtually identical on that country’s health ministry website, with a signature that was verified by DocuSign. He has since seen virtually same contract with the EU and heard the details of Israel’s Pfizer contract.
    The contract, which exposes Pfizer to zero liability for anything and places the liability for everything on the government, which is called the “Purchaser” in the contract.
    The deal is a criminal shakedown of epic proportions, the likes of which it is hard to even fathom. Why would anybody sign it?
    Reading the contract’s language sheds some light on the inexplicable behavior of the government authorities of the world and on the true nature of this whole COVID operation.
    It also may shed light on the untimely deaths of two African presidents and the Haitian president, who all very understandably refused to sign this contract!
    In his blog, Biber wrote, “If you were wondering why #Ivermectin was suppressed, well, it is because the agreement that countries had with Pfizer does not allow them to escape their contract, which states that even if a drug will be found to treat COVID19, the contract cannot be voided.”
    And here’s a shocking clause about supplying the product:
    “Pfizer shall have no liability for any failure to deliver doses in accordance with any estimated delivery dates… nor shall any such failure give Purchaser any right to cancel orders for any quantities of Product.
    “Pfizer shall decide on necessary adjustments to the number of Contracted Doses and Delivery Schedule due to the Purchaser … based on principles to be determined by Pfizer … Purchaser shall be deemed to agree to any revision.”
    So Pfizer can breach its own contract but their hitmen will kill you if you refuse to sign it!
    You can really see how this Globalist entity that is Pfizer hates nation states and will not recognize their laws but it acts like a “government that dictates to other governments around the world,” as Biber says. If we look around at the complete lawlessness and the meltdown of once-solid institutions all over the world, you can see that Big Pharma is being used like a massive battering ram against the national laws and national sovereignty of all nations.
    The contract forces the “Purchaser”, which is how they refer to the nation that is contracting with them to defend Pfizer’s interests and not those of the citizens they’re supposed to be representing and defending – and whose taxpayer money they’re using to pay Pfizer these billions of dollars.
    As Biber tweeted, Israel has turned into a pharmaceutical #BananaRepublic, where the priorities of a multinational supercedes the priorities of its citizens.
    Not only is Pfizer held completely harmless from all claims, the “Purchaser”, ie, the national government is responsible for Pfizer’s legal defense against any and all claims!
    However, “Pfizer shall have the right to assume control of such defense… and Purchaser shall pay all Losses, including, without limitation, the reasonable attorneys’ fees and other expenses incurred.” Pfizer makes sure the country will pay for everything.
    I really don’t get why governments across the world have signed this. What’s in it for them? Did they sign this voluntarily? It really seems like a colossal shakedown and a complete abdication on the part of these governments to protect their people. It’s malfeasance on a scale that beggars belief.
    THE ONLY WAY to get a product recall on these shots is if you can prove fault in Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP), which is regulated by the FDA.
    However, CGMP will tell you NOTHING about mRNA, because we don’t have CGMP for an mRNA vaccine, so you cannot prove CGMP malpractice.

  4. You might be interested to know how many mRNA particles there are in one shot, two shots and possibly 3 shots, bearing in mind that mRNA vaccines have never been used in humans before and well, you know the rest: Jim Woodgett, former Director of Research at Mount Sinai Hospital (2005-2021)
    Answered May 5, 2021
    The SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein encodes a 1273 amino acid protein. Multiple by 3 to get the number of nucleotides and add some untranslated regions for directing translational start and aiding in stability it rounds to approximately 5,000 nucleotides. 1 nucleotide of RNA has a mass of (averaged) of 320 Daltons. So an RNA comprised of 5,000 nucleotides has a mass of 1600 kiloDaltons.
    There are 30 micrograms of RNA in a Pfizer/BioNTech single dose (in 0.3 ml). That means there are about 11.3 x 10 to the power of 12 molecules of RNA per shot.
    (First shot?)11,300,000,000,000 molecules of RNA (11,300 Trillion) approximately.
    The Moderna shot typically uses more RNA.

    Erwin Claassen, Wetenschappelijk Huurling at Waar Niet
    Answered May 5, 2021
    (2nd Shot) a shitload… dose is 100µg of mRNA (not all vaccines is mRNA), that is around 505.440. copies… more or less (505,440 Trillion Trillion)

    Me: Which is more mRNA particles, than the blood cells, you have in your body.
    So if you have a 3rd booster that might translate to a further 1,010,880 Trillion, Trillion, Trillion mRNA particles in your body?

    More mRNA particles than blood cells, doing exactly what (don’t ask me and I won’t tell)

  5. You guys should dial it back a few notches, it’s getting out of hand. I understand where these conclusions come from but there are many errors that are contradictory in nature. You can have all the IQ in the world , it’s worthless if you have an uncalibrated perception of probability. That feeling of Eureka! , although it feels right, is not an indicator of truth or accuracy. It’s confirmation bias.

  6. Hear hear!
    I hope that it does not come to a witch hunt.
    With open minds, in a dialogue with the uncertain or skeptical, it is still possible to ask questions:
    1. Has the pathogen ever been physically isolated, using filters and a centrifgue?
    2. Is the test quantitative?
    3. Without autopsies, how can they attribute the cause of death, if the test is not quantitative?
    Of course, if one’s salary depends on not understanding something, then it will not be understood, but many people are capable of asking these questions.

  7. It is like every other evil thing “they” do. They are the antichrist people. Just like every war is just a blood sacrifice to wipe out civilians-Christians, Moslems, anyone who worships the true God the creator or Jesus Christ, this silent war with quiet weapons is a satanic ritual sacrifice a blood sacrifice to Lucifer, This is now the final one=Armageddon. They want to consecrate the entire world to Lucifer and begin his kingdom on earth the OWO. The Communist revolutions were not communist they were satanic blood rituals that killed civilians in the millions who were one with God. There is nothing, no limit to the evil these devolved into demons who share a collective consciousness of Hate fear violence need for control lies and murder and especially sadistic torture of all life around them=PSYCHOPATHS, will do. They want to kill an entire generation of children because they think one may be the Christ/Kalki Child. They are insane and while they do it they rack up the MONEY. They worship MONEY in place of God. They break every commandment of God and call it “good”. To them evil is good and good is evil. They are devolving into demons in the image of Lucifer. They are a separate collective consciousness like cancer cells=they are Life-Killing energy. They are Hell and the OWO is the coming of Lucifer’s kingdom on earth. Fight evil with good=fight like Gandhi did as one in the ones of the collective consciousness of GOD in heaven.EVOLVE higher or you will devolve lower into psychopaths. Whoever dies a psychopath will go to Hell. The injections and implants they have prepared will make you into a permanent Psychopath. They want to take as many as they can with them to HELL for all eternity at the end of this age. The end comes soon.

  8. Brilliant, one could beg to question, which is worse, the alleged dis- ease, the alleged cure, or a Pfizer contract. With terms and conditions, like these why bother; is exactly right: Down here, in Australia,
    we have rolled back history, to when it existed as a penal colony:
    Our Government, has not handled the Vaccine very well, with the Astra-Zeneca, causing concerns and
    mistrust in the Vaccines; they have since become more desperate; in their endeavours of coercion and
    threats; to get the numbers up, what you have said here is enlightening, as perhaps the budget balance
    sheets are looking poorly.
    What will be interesting now, that the alleged,” full approval ” : of er um, a Vaccine product, looks decidedly
    dodgy , politically motivated; and like all of this contrived criminal activity, where it , on face value is
    completely lawless, and as you point out , without constraints, where it is , we say, you Do, this is a
    Criminal Oligarchy, doing business, nothing more , nothing less.
    Enjoyed, your work and your efforts, much appreciated:

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