Indian Institute Claims To Cure COVID-19 Through Cosmic Sound Therapy

A Delhi-based institute and Human Energy Research Centre in Delhi claimed to have the finest option to cure Covid-19 using cosmic sound therapy. This extraordinary therapy was developed by Dr Harsh Rastogi, Ikwan Onwuka and Dr Ramesh Vaish and is a combination of ancient Vedic philosophy and principles of Quantum theory.

Indian Institute Claims To Cure COVID-19 Through Cosmic Sound Therapy

As per ancient Vedic philosophy the universe is in a state of vibration known as cosmic sound which the experts combined with the principle of quantum theory applicable to a wave. Three sound waves are developed by these experts to deal with different frequencies of coronavirus.

Dr Vaish said, “This sound therapy is completely harmless, drug-free and does not have any side-effects. There is a lot of physics involved in this technique; it is not a medical process.

The sound waves will attack the virus and create resonance. The virus, which has a protein cell layer, starts vibrating and therefore the chemical bond breaks down. The virus cannot sustain beyond a certain energy level,”.

In May, a trial was conducted on the patients with Covid-19 symptoms. These patients were in home isolation. As per Dr. Vaish, these patients also continued medications along with this newly developed therapy. Some improvements were seen in these patients within a few days.

“After promising results, we pitched the idea to some hospitals to implement it on interested patients. Some private hospitals have agreed and one is likely to start it in two days,” he said as reported by the New Indian Express.

This therapy was provided to the patients who volunteered for it. As per researchers, this therapy does not require any approval from a regulatory authority as there is no involvement of any medical treatment.

Researchers claimed that they have informed the government of Delhi and got a ‘yes’ from the health minister. They also approached the AYUSH and health Ministries to implement it on a larger scale.

“If approved, it will be the first of its kind in the world. We’ve come to know that a US institute is working on the same concept,” he said.

It is an hour-long therapy during which three different sounds — including Gayatri Mantra and Maha Mrityunjay Mantra — are played for the patients.

The sounds are played stage-wise. Each stage is of 7 minutes and between each stage, there is a gap of 5 minutes. Within 2-3 days patients undergo 4-6 sessions during the entire course.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, Americans were also working on an ultraviolet light technology as a potential treatment for Coronavirus.

The Healight Platform Technology (“Healight”) discovered and developed by scientists at Cedars-Sinai, is being studied as a potential first-in-class treatment for coronavirus and other respiratory infections. The therapy was promoted by then US President Donald Trump, but was shotdown by the Vaccine lobby.

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  2. Dr. Kary Mullis, PhD, Biochemist, Winner, 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for inventing the polymerase chain reaction, the basis for the HIV viral load tests states

    “It’s not even probable, let alone scientifically proven, that HIV causes AIDS. If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There are no such documents.”

    Spin Magazine, Vol. 10 No.4, 1994
    “The HIV-causes-AIDS theory is one hell of a mistake.”

    Dr. David Rasnick, PhD, Biochemist, Protease Inhibitor Developer, University of California

    “The HIV hypothesis of AIDS is the biggest scientific, medical blunder of the 20th Century. The evidence is overwhelming that AIDS is not contagious, sexually transmitted, or caused by HIV. The physicians who know or suspect the truth are embarrassed or afraid to admit that the HIV tests are absurd and should be outlawed, and that the anti-HIV drugs are injuring and killing people.”

    Mail & Guardian, Johannesburg, SA, Jan 24, 2001”

    Dr. Beverly E. Griffin, PhD, Director, Department of Virology, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London

    “I do not believe that HIV, in and of itself, can cause AIDS.”

    New York Daily News Sep 20, 1993
    “The assumption was made in 1984 that HIV caused AIDS and this has scarcely been challenged since. We don’t really know if HIV causes AIDS, nor have we seriously tried to find out.”, Nov. 1991
    How HIV/AIDS was born.
    On April 23, 1984,Robert Gallo an American biomedical researcher ,co-discoverer of HIV and secretary of Health and Human service Margeret Heckler held a press conference that a retrovirus they had isolated, called HTLV-III in the belief that the virus was related to the leukemia viruses of Gallo’s earlier work of finding a cure for cancer, was the cause of AIDS.

    French team at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France, led by Luc Montagnier, had published a paper in Science in 1983, describing a retrovirus they called LAV (lymphadenopathy associated virus), isolated from a patient at risk for AIDS.

    In 1991, following years of controversy surrounding a 1987 out of court settlement between the National Institutes of Health and France’s Pasteur Institute, Gallo admitted the virus he claimed to have discovered in 1984 was in reality a virus sent to him from France the year before, putting an end to a six-year effort by Gallo and his employer, the National Institutes of Health, to claim the AIDS virus as an independent discovery.

    This means that this presumed deadly disease has two discoverers namely Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier.

    In 1990 at the San Francisco AIDS conference, HIV co-discoverer Luc Montagnier announced that HIV did not, after all, kill T-cells and could not be the cause of AIDS. Within hours of making this announcement, he was attacked by the very industry he’d helped to create.”

    Dr. Luc Montagnier, Virologist, co-discoverer of HIV, Pasteur Institute, Paris also in interview with Djamel Tahi in 1997 again admitted that they didn’t isolate HIV virus. This means that they have never seen HIV virus any AIDS patient’s blood.

    https: / /

    ******the take away from all this that just like with Corona virus there is only one narrative accepted by our usa government and only pharma cure which has no liability to the citizens it forces it on.

    This medical tyranny is not new.

    “, Nov. 1991
    How HIV/AIDS was born.
    On April 23, 1984,Robert Gallo an American biomedical researcher ,co-discoverer of HIV and secretary of Health and Human service Margeret Heckler held a press conference that a retrovirus they had isolated, called HTLV-III in the belief that the virus was related to the leukemia viruses of Gallo’s earlier work of finding a cure for cancer, was the cause of AIDS.”

    Fauci and Gallo made a fortune off AZT which was branded too toxic for human consumption….yet it is Fauci road to fame.and pockets of money.

    There are alternatives to cure chimeric lab created monstrosities but the best is to never have created them to begin with.

  3. @ Heidi Rodriguez-Pteston Great information, Thanks!
    I remember watching a video of Karry Mullis when I was searching for information on the PCR tests, it was a longer video and now I wish I had saved the url, but he talked about the early days of AIDS and how he was very curious about it and he approached Luc Montagnier at a conference to ask him some questions and apparently he didn’t like the qiestions, or didn’t have any answers and became surly and stormed away without answering. I believe it was because Mullis asked him about isolated AIDS virus or something to that effect.

  4. The challenge is to stop the dizziness caused by statements from these charlatans!
    What sense does it make to cure something that doesn’t exist?!


    Follow through: Check at least works by Dr. Stefan Lanka. Also, numerous honest and skilled scientists concur with his findings.

    It is true that those who speak against evil governments’ orders are peddling misinformation – but not in the sense expounded by the very evil!
    It is in the sense that as long as anyone leaves untouched the fact that disease-causing viruses don’t exist, they peddle the misinformation of their existence!
    Anyone got this?
    100% of the people we tried to explain this to, rejected it!
    Let’s try to make a picture:
    The evil tells dumb public that a virus exists and it’s the most pernicious thing ever.
    Honest people find out that the evil doesn’t have any virus!
    You show their statements to the world, and the world says in effect: “Ah, the governments are wrong when they say they don’t have the virus”.

    Is this imbecility or what?
    How can anyone smart enough to get this expect an end to the disaster – other than by miracles?!

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