COVID Antibodies Discovered In Blood Samples From Before The Outbreak

Antibodies to the novel coronavirus have been found in blood specimens from September 2019 in Europe, ahead of the pandemic in Wuhan, China, signaling an “enormous” shift in how the government’s approach to the virus should be perceived, according to a top medical professor.

COVID Antibodies Discovered In Blood Samples From Before The Outbreak

In a statement, Stanford medical professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya said that COVID-19 antibodies were found in preserved blood specimens from September and November 2019 examined in France (read below) and Italy, disproving original media reports that the virus had originated in a Wuhan wet market.

“The implications are enormous,” Bhattacharya added, emphasizing that the virus had been in the community “long before the official start date, it was too late to stop the disease from spreading.”

“We have wasted 2 years on lockdowns for nothing,” he charged.

Both the Italian and French studies, according to the outspoken scholar, demonstrate that “early circulation of SARS-CoV-2” was widespread across Europe’s “major international travel hubs” considerably earlier than previously anticipated. Positive samples were identified in asymptomatic people, according to the study.

“Although dedicated surveillance and contact tracing did not identify local transmission before the second half of February in Europe, there is accumulated evidence that SARS-CoV-2 circulated in early January 2020 in the East of France and environmental studies suggest that the virus could have been present in December 2019 in Northern Italy,” the French researchers stated.

Given that the virus has been present in the European population since at least September 2019, Bhattacharya believes that U.S. statistics from April 2020 indicating a three percent frequency of the virus amongst adults in Los Angeles County, California, is “not so surprising.”

Read the document below:

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  1. The north of Italy was filled Chinese workers who were ill fed, unhygienic by western standards and suffering frequent illness. They were vacationing in Bosnia in the summer and fall of 2019. Early suspected cases of covid were kept confidential as the illness began to spread from these contacts.
    There is certainly more to this story…

  2. Exactly !
    China’s belts and roads program ensured that anything contagious from China made it to the world

  3. Exactly !
    China’s belts and roads program ensured that anything contagious from China made it to the world

  4. Or maybe mentally unhugienic Ucranian neonazi biolaboratories funded by demented Americans, spreading it all around the world and targeting China as a false flag epicenter.

  5. Nice job spreading that commie disinformation. Hoping you get your Chinese Yuan…
    How long have you been a useful idiot??

    You should research how far back they have traced similar instances in China.

  6. Genetic evidence from the virus indicates with a high degree of confidence that it was man-made. Circumstantial evidence including the GPMB plan, Event 201, the Great Reset, indicates that it was deliberately released. It would make sense for this release to occur after Event 201. However, whoever released it would have great liabilities unless this narrative could be contradicted. Wouldn’t it be easy to change the dates on some blood samples to make it seem that the emergence of the virus was not a part of a planned sequence?

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