AstraZeneca Whistleblower – Big Pharma Not Responsible For Any Side Effects Of COVID-19 Vaccine

A senior managerial executive of the pharmaceutical giant, AstraZeneca has revealed in shocking details that the company could not be on the receiving end of any constitutional motion or face legal action for any possible side effects or unwanted reactions induced by its Covid-19 vaccine. The company has agreements with governments as per which AstraZeneca cannot be held responsible and those affected will have no legal recourse.

UPDATE: The mysterious illness caused during COVID-19 vaccine trials is identified as Transverse Myelitis which may lead to paralysis. As per secret agreements with governments, the vaccine manufacturer cannot be legally held responsible for the side-effects of the coronavirus vaccine.

AstraZeneca WHISTLEBLOWER – Big Pharma Not Responsible For Unknown Side Effects Of COVID-19 Vaccine
AstraZeneca Whistleblower – Big Pharma Not Responsible For Any Unknown Side Effects Of COVID-19 Vaccine

AstraZeneca is known as one of the 25 pharmaceutical companies all over the globe which is as of now examining their Covid-19 vaccines on individuals, and is in arrangement for injecting other hundreds of millions of individuals.

These are flush times for Britain’s largest pharmaceutical company, worth something in the order of £70 million. They have just reported bumper profits of $12.6 billion in the last six months alone.

But even after having such active and lively balance sheet, AstraZeneca is not willing to be answerable or held accountable for any possible side effects or unwanted reactions induced by its ‘hopeful’ vaccine on applicants. The company is totally safeguarded, or compensated from any kind of accusations of individuals who would be injected with their vaccine and sense any side effects; no matter how serious or incurable they may be.

AstraZeneca has been granted protection from future product liability claims related to its COVID-19 vaccine by most of the countries with which it has struck supply agreements.

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Ruud Dobber, a senior managerial executive at AstraZeneca revealed to Reuters, “In the contracts we have in place, we are asking for indemnification. For most countries it is acceptable to take that risk on their shoulders because it is in their national interest’’. For “national interest,” read “government interest.”

Whether what is happening is good for the actual people of vaccinated countries is, to put it very mildly, an open question.

The countries which have fixed orders for the company’s vaccines were kept hidden by Dobber, though many significant western commonwealths were expected to be on the checklist. The UK authorities are on a vaccine acquisition rampage, purchasing 250 million doses from multiple Big Pharma companies.

Meanwhile, Americans have a special legal framework in which no pharmaceutical companies face lawsuits for side effects of vaccines in case of ‘public health emergencies’. This is because of the PREP Act, a result of colossal campaign by the pharma lobby which got the legislation introduced even after a massive opposition from customer groups. Only if the vaccine manufacturers purposefully kill or hurt you, only then, you will be able to file a lawsuit against them.

Senior EU authorities told Reuters this week that they are confronting vaccine makers over price, payment timelines and liability. Injecting a whole population with testing vaccines to ‘immunize’ those people is offensive to a lot of people.

Dobber also said, “This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in … four years the vaccine is showing side effects.” Oh… okay then. So, who does take on the responsibility then? The WHO? Pull the other one. Politicians? Don’t make me laugh. No one? Gotcha.”

Extreme Measures of the Pharma Lobby

After it was revealed in a shocking investigation that WHO policies on Hydroxychloroquine were based on a fake study by a pornstar and a science-fiction writer, now in an ongoing investigation, a French doctor has testified in parliament that Gilead sent him death threats after he started talking about HCQ as a cure for COVID-19.

Recently, the President of Belarus exposed that the World Bank coronavirus aid comes with conditions for imposing extreme lockdown measures, to model their coronavirus response on that of Italy and even changes in the economic policies which he refused as being “unacceptable”.

In another shocking development the President of Madagascar made a sensational claim that the WHO offered him $20m bribe to poison COVID-19 cure. Even, Bill Gates was caught offering $10 million bribe for forced vaccination in Nigeria.

One thing is certain that when it comes to Covid-19, the pharma lobby has decided that they want nothing to do with the long-term consequences of their vaccinations. Meanwhile, the pharma lobby is taking extreme measures to introduce forced vaccinations by bribing government officials, and even killing off any alternate cure.

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