Indian Doctor Tests COVID-19 Positive Even After Completing Full Covaxin Vaccine Course

An Indian state of Uttar Pradesh reported the first case where a person got COVID-19 positive even after getting a 2-dose course of the Covaxin vaccine.

Indian Doctor Tests COVID-19 Positive Even After Completing Full Covaxin Vaccine Course

The person is a Lucknow-based doctor Nitin Mishra, who works as emergency medical officer at the Civil hospital. He had received a complete 2-dose course of Covaxin on February 15, 2021 followed by a second dose on March 16, 2021.

However, just after 2 days of getting the second dose, he got a severe cough along with mild fever on March 18. When he got himself tested on March 20, he was found suffering with COVID-19.

After getting the test results, he isolated himself at home and regularly started monitoring his blood pressure and blood oxygen levels on regular basis.

Subhash Chandra Sundariyal, Director of the Civil Hospital said that, “We are also in touch with him and in case, symptoms aggravate, he will be hospitalized. The entire hospital has been sanitized and services are continuing as usual.”

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Prof Amita Jain, head of the Microbiology Department in King George’s Medical University, said, “It takes a few weeks, even after completion of the vaccination course, to build full immunity against the disease. During this period, a person may get infected and develop symptoms.”

The Director General of Medical Health, Dr. Negi said “Data shows that the efficacy of Covaxin is about 80-90 per cent. The vaccine does not act as a shield against infection, but protects a person from falling critically ill, hence people should go for the vaccine, if they are medically eligible, without any hesitation.”

Covaxin has been indigenously developed in India by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

However, as GreatGameIndia reported contrary to popular belief, the “Swadeshi” Indian COVID-19 vaccine COVAXIN maker Bharat Biotech was backed since its inception by Bill Gates and the international pharma lobby.

Bharat Biotech is the first Indian company to receive massive grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for vaccine against Rotavirus called Rotavac.

The vaccine was given green light by the authorities even before its trials were complete and its efficacy is mired in controversy till today with cases pending in the Supreme Court.

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  1. “protects a person from falling critically ill”
    Yeah right. Almost nobody dies from it anyway so that’s a load of BS.

  2. Perhaps he got ‘covid’ (flu) after being vaccinated because it is NOT about protecting anyone from any corona virus but is rather about inserting a poison which affects the RNA, a messenger of man’s DNA for a ‘slow kill’. It’s what they do.! mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Are Gene Therapy [manipulation] And Not Vaccines As Per CDC Definition:

    AstraZeneca Provided Incomplete Outdated Efficacy Data From Latest COVID-19 Trial Says NIAID:

    WHO changes definition of ‘herd immunity’
    It should be noted that “immunity developed through previous infection” is the way it has worked since humans have been alive. Your immune system isn’t designed to get vaccines. It’s designed to work in response to exposure to an infectious agent. Apparently, according to WHO, that’s no longer the case. As of October 2020, here’s their updated definition of herd immunity, which is now “a concept used for vaccination”:

    “‘Herd immunity,’ also known as ‘population immunity,’ is a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached. Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it.

    Who is it that controls these wicked people whom seek fame and/or fortune and who are loyal to no nation, country or people? This third and fourth wave of the virus was planned long ago by the puppet masters who own the central banks, including the Bank of China. These imposters are the puppet masters whose messiah is Lucifer/Satan. It is they who have created the free slave world in which we all live today. See my blog at to find out who they are…
    The Plandemic:
    “1st Phase: Common/cold/Flu. Mild symptoms at most. Media endorsement of mass paranoia and fear. Flawed testing system utilized, which picks up any genetic material in the body and triggers a positive result. Inflation of Covid case numbers, through changing of death certificates, double-counting, and classifying all deaths including other diseases and natural causes as Covid19. Lockdown will condition us to life under Draconian laws, prevent protests and identify public resistance.
    2nd Phase: The 1st Phase will lead to compromised and frail immune system through lack of food, social distancing, wearing of masks, and lack of contact with sunlight and healthy bacteria. Exposure to 5G radiation will further attack the immune system. Thus, when people re-emerge into society, more people will fall ill. This will be blamed on Covid19. This will all occur before the vaccination is ready to justify it. A longer and more potent lockdown will follow until everyone takes the vaccine.
    3rd Phase: If majority of people resist the vaccine, a weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS virus will be released. A lot of people will die from this. It will be survival of the fittest. It will also be the ultimate push for everyone to be vaccinated, in order to return to normality. Those who have taken the vaccine will be at war with those who have not. It will be anarchy from all sides.”

    “Covid-19means the ‘certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence’ and ’19’ was the year in which it was created.”

  3. Im surprised India allows any outside vaccines funded by Bill Gates foundation ( which is virtually all of them through governments and universities).

    The best thing india ever did was kick the guy out of the country, but wave a little money making project in the face and their he is again in india like a bad penny…..some day indian officials will learn along with rest of the world.

    It can’t be soon enough!

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