Singapore To Introduce Mandatory COVID-19 Electronic Tags Tracking Behavioural Activity To Enforce Quarantine

After AI robots to enforce mandatory face mask rules, now Singapore is ready to roll-out COVID-19 electronic tags for tracking behavioral activity to enforce quarantine. If you attempt to leave home, it will alert the authorities, following which there maybe a fine of S$10,000 or six months of prison or both.

Singapore To Introduce COVID-19 Electronic Tags Tracking Behavioural Activity To Enforce Quarantine
Singapore To Introduce Mandatory COVID-19 Electronic Tags Tracking Behavioural Activity To Enforce Quarantine

Singapore will make it mandatory for all travellers to wear an electronic monitoring device. The move will ensure that they accept and abide by the general norms which includes coronavirus quarantines.

The plan being implemented from August 11, is said to be using devices for tracking behavioural activity. These devices will be provided to incoming travellers, including citizens and residents, from a select group of countries who will be allowed to isolate at home rather than at a state-appointed facility.

Honk Kong and South Korea are using similar measures like electronic wristbands to track peoples’ movements during quarantine. And now, Singapore also seems to be on the way to introduce such a technology.

Those who wish to travel to Singapore are required to activate the device. The device uses GPS and Bluetooth signals to track behavioural activity. As the travellers reach their home they will receive notifications on the device which they are required to acknowledge.

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If the travellers make any attempt to leave home or hamper the device, an alert will be triggered that will be directly conveyed to the authorities.

In March, Hong Kong introduced a similar scheme for incoming travellers. They were required to wear a slim electronic wristband, which is similar to the tag generally worn by hospital patients, as a measure to enforce quarantines for arriving passengers.

Since then, South Korea is also enthusiastically promoting the use of such wristbands. These will be connected to smartphone apps for those who violate quarantine.

Singapore has still not disclosed details of the device’s design and look. However, in a statement, they outlined that it will not store any personal data and in addition it will not have any voice or video recording function.

For children, aged 12 and below this ‘device-monitoring’ will not be implemented.

The city-state, is currently planning to furnish all residents with a wearable virus-tracing dongle. It is also devising and enforcing tough punishments for those who attempt to breach its quarantine and social distancing rules.

The analysis done says that Under the Infectious Diseases Act, punishments can be fines of up to S$10,000 ($7,272) or imprisonment of up to six months, or in worse cases both. It could also lead to invalidation of the work passes of foreigners who try to disobey the rules.

The UK government has also implemented a similar scheme where COVI PASS – Biometric RFID enabled Coronavirus Digital Health Passports will monitor nearly every aspect of citizens’ lives using military-grade encryption software in the name of strengthening public health management.

Earlier, a major Hollywood studio introduced AI driven face-detection robots to enforce mandatory face mask rules. The AI robot can also keep a record of violators and repeat offenders of those who fail to wear masks. Although, what will be the consequences for mask offenders has not been revealed yet.

Meanwhile, there are also plans underway to enforce mandatory vaccination. Trust Stamp, a vaccination based digital identity program funded by Bill Gates and implemented by Mastercard and GAVI, will soon link your biometric digital identity to your vaccination records.

The program said to “evolve as you evolve” is part of the Global War on Cash and has the potential dual use for the purposes of surveillance and “predictive policing” based on your vaccination history. Those who may not wish to be vaccinated may be locked out of the system based on their trust score.

Bill Gates was recently caught offering a $10 million dollar bribe for forced vaccination in Nigeria. Based on an intercepted human intelligence report, a controversy erupted in Nigeria whereby it was revealed that Bill Gates offered $10 million bribe for a forced vaccination program for Coronavirus to the Nigerian House of Representatives.

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