COVID-19 Is Bioterrorism – New Book By Indian Biological Weapons Expert Claims

A new book by Senior Indian Police officer and Biological Weapons expert claims COVID-19 is Bioterrorism. Dr Sharad S. Chauhan is a decorated Indian Police Service (IPS) officer awarded the Prime Minister’s baton and the Home Minister’s Revolver. He is also a Gold Medallist MBBS Doctor from Delhi University with a PhD in Bioterrorism. He also authored the book Biological Weapons.

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COVID-19 Is Bioterrorism - New Book By Indian Biological Weapons Expert Claims
COVID-19 Is Bioterrorism – New Book By Indian Biological Weapons Expert Claims

The book titled COVID-19 – Opportunistic Bioterrorism? A Virus from China set to Change World History, traverses the early stages of the COVID-19 epidemic in China with a special emphasis on the origins of the coronavirus, the timeline of events and administrative reactions of the Chinese to the virus. The book examines this in the backdrop of the experiments conducted by Chinese researchers on SARS like coronaviruses for more than a decade and the state of the Chinese economy preceding the outbreak.

In the process of doing so the book defines the concept of opportunistic bioterrorism for the first time. The author relies on scientific and open source intelligence to scrutinize evidence with the expertise gained as a medical graduate and a police officer.

What started as an outbreak in China near the end of 2019 is now a global calamity. The rampaging COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world as never before, the great wars and pandemics of past included. The strategic, geopolitical and geo-economics consequences of COVID-19 are slowly unfolding. The virus from China is set to change the world.

The book also raises 101 critical questions on COVID-19. The questionnaire appended is a judicious mix of both clarifying and probing questions and valuable in and of itself, irrespective of the answer to facilitate effective deliberation on the topic. The controversial issue pertaining to the laboratory origins of the virus is kept out of the main text as an Appendix. The book is a single source reference for all contentious issues relating to the COVID 19 pandemic.

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  1. Always thought-provoking.Thanks for trying to bring light into an ever darkening world. Like to see more documentation from coroners/medical examiners worldwide.Are they confirming their region”s covd death numbers or do They think the deaths are less or more? Also like to hear more about Madagascar”s Artemisia cure. Go to and see what Gates is.Not a christian for sure

  2. That the authors believe this was a CHINA originated pandemic means their conclusions or research are off. Do they examine that SARS itself was a bioweapon unleashed by the US back in 2003?
    Look there.

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