Court Orders Hunter Biden To Get A Job

Hunter Biden appeared at a Delaware court today to accept a favorable agreement offered by the Biden Department of Justice regarding his past involvement in criminal drug use, trafficking of prostitutes, and engagement in multi-million dollar pay-for-play and bribery schemes with foreign officials from countries like China, Ukraine, Romania, among others.

Court Orders Hunter Biden To Get A Job

The charges brought against Hunter were limited to two misdemeanors related to tax fraud, ensuring that he will not serve prison time for the gun charge.

As per the unprecedented arrangement with the Department of Justice, Hunter Biden would be granted immunity from any potential future charges.

The judge presiding over the case did not approve of this arrangement.

In an attempt to discreetly incorporate immunity into Hunter’s plea deal, prosecutors faced a major setback when the deal fell apart on Wednesday.

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Hunter entered a plea of not guilty, resulting in the case proceeding further.

Delaware judge Maryellen Noreika, appointed during Trump’s administration, established new “conditions of release” for Hunter Biden.

Failure to comply with any of the judge’s orders could lead to Hunter’s arrest.


1) NOT possess a firearm
2) NOT use or possess any controlled substances (including marijuana) unless prescribed
3) Submit to full federal supervision
4) NO use of alcohol AT ALL
5) Seek active employment
6) Submit to testing for prohibited substances
7) Participate in substance abuse therapy


1) Immediate issuance of an arrest warrant
2) Revocation of release
3) Forfeiture of bond
4) Prosecution for contempt of court

Court Orders Hunter Biden To Get A Job 2

Hunter Biden’s investment firm, BHR Partners, did business with a CCP-owned military company that’s now sending fighter jet parts to a sanctioned Russian defense conglomerate, thus assisting the Kremlin in its war against Ukraine.

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