Could Russia Deploy Ballistic Missiles In Mexico?

On Sunday, former U.S. Air Force officer Jake Broe reported on X that Russians on Kremlin State TV declared Mexico their military ally, considering placing missiles on Mexican territory to attack the United States.

Could Russia Deploy Ballistic Missiles In Mexico? 1

“Russians on Kremlin State TV yesterday declared that Mexico was their military ally and they are wanting to place their missiles on Mexican territory so Mexico can attack the United States,” said former nuclear and missile operations officer of the U.S. Air Force Jake Broe on X Sunday. “This is insane.”

A few days earlier, pundits on Russian media advised Moscow to station nuclear-capable ballistic missiles in the Caribbean in retaliation for NATO nations approving Kiev’s use of weaponry sourced from the West to launch an attack within Russian territory. Is this “insane” enough to put it in danger? Or would that be a normal response for any nation when hostile missiles are stationed directly next to its borders?

The channel’s “60 Minutes” program focused on NATO escalation, specifically about Kiev receiving an increasing amount of long-range weapons, including soon-to-arrive F-16 fighter jets, as well as in response to Western capitals seeming to now actively encourage increased attacks on Russian territory.

The hosts of the program also questioned the legitimacy of the White House’s imposition of “limits” on the extent to which US-supplied weaponry may be deployed inside Russian territory. Speaking to ABC last week while in France, President Biden said that this does not imply that Ukraine may strike Moscow:

In a monologue, host Evgeny Popov referred to comments by President Joe Biden that U.S. permission for Kyiv to use weapons to hit Russia did not mean that they could be used to hit Moscow or any government buildings.

Popov concluded that by merely mentioning this, Biden showed that “these thoughts do exist somewhere at the back of his mind.”

Olga Skabeeva, co-anchor, conjectured in the same segment that Moscow might position missiles “to those nations that are willing to strike our enemies” as an “asymmetric” response.

She went on to name other partners, including North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba, adding that a “more traditional” course of action would “obviously be a nuclear strike as soon as we see an existential threat to our country.”

Watch the video segment below:

Speaking recently at the St. Petersburg Annual Economic Forum, President Putin expressed optimism for a de-escalation with the West and stated that the time has not yet come to justify the use of nuclear weapons. He did, however, make a warning last week to provide cutting-edge weaponry to nations labeled as “enemies of the West” in retribution for NATO’s surge in Ukraine.

Regarding Mexico, which just elected left-wing President Claudia Sheinbaum on a platform promising to uphold the policies of her predecessor, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the country has declared its formal neutrality while simultaneously rejecting support for US-led sanctions against Moscow. Mexico, though, has already largely denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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  1. Mexico would have to be insane to go along with Putin. They are well aware that Mexico exists at sufferance would not support Putin’s desire in this regard. Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela would, but that would cost them as well.

  2. I’d love to see Russian nukes in Mexico!
    Maybe THAT would shut the Foreign Nazis up!
    But I doubt it!
    It would just make their White Slaves eager
    to kill Russians for their Foreign Nazi “gods”!

  3. No surprise there! Turn about is fair play. Of course- the competition will be China, the Cartels, and the CIA, vs Russia, the fake Mess-ican gov’t, the deep state communist democrats!

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