Hungarian Scientists Find Unique Coronavirus Variant In DNA Suggesting COVID Came From Chinese Lab

Hungarian scientists have found unique coronavirus variant in DNA in soil from Antarctica suggesting that COVID came from a Chinese lab. The scientists also discovered genetic information from Chinese hamsters and green monkeys, that could indicate that the virus was tested in a laboratory, possibly using the animals or their cells.

Hungarian Scientists Find Unique Coronavirus Variant In DNA Suggesting COVID Came From Chinese Lab

Scientists have discovered signs of coronavirus, which could support the notion that the pandemic started with a laboratory breach, reported DailyMail.

The finding, based on soil specimens, implies that coronavirus does not spontaneously move from wildlife to humans.

However, further information is required, especially regarding when the virus entered the samples.

coronavirus variant dna 1
Scientists have found traces of coronavirus that could bolster the theory that the pandemic began with a leak from a laboratory (file photo used)

While analysing DNA from Antarctica soil which had been delivered to the Shanghai firm Sangon Biotech, researchers in Hungary discovered indications of a novel type of coronavirus.

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The scientists also discovered genetic information from Chinese hamsters and green monkeys, that could indicate that the virus was tested in a laboratory, possibly using the animals or their cells.

Some supporters of the lab leak theory believe that Chinese scientists created the virus in a laboratory to render it more hazardous before it emerged as part of an experiment.

The existence of ‘three key [Covid] mutations’ that are diagnostic of the virus’s initial sequences, according to Viscount Ridley, author of Viral: The Search for the Origin of Covid-19, might corroborate the lab leak explanation.

coronavirus variant dna 2
The discovery, from analysis of soil samples, suggests coronavirus may not have jumped from wildlife into humans naturally (file photo used)

The results should be read with caution, as the soil DNA might have been infected with the virus by the first Covid patients, who’d been identified by China in December 2019.

The soil specimens were sent to Sangon Biotech in the same month, but it is unclear when they were examined.

The results, which came from Budapest’s Eotvos Lorand University and the University of Veterinary Medicine, were posted online and has yet to be fully vetted by other researchers.

Professor Jesse Bloom of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle, Washington, re-ran the Hungary data to establish that the virus was present in the Antarctic specimens. However, he stated that the ‘ultimate implications remain unclear.’

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  1. Tell Greta Thornburg. She’s out speaking about how animal viruses are jumping all over the place into humans due to deforestation. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 If that were the case we’d have been in trouble a long long time ago.

  2. A Red Flag. Its already proven that there was no so called Covid virus. Over 175 countries being submitted with an FOI (Freedom Of Information : Request : Demand)…have responded that they have No Data of in regard to it being analyzed (Pure: in a petri dish). Not one country. In case the reader does not understand this : it means there is No Proof the Covid 19 Sars 2 “ever existed”. Also, there is a video of a Chinese Wuhan Scientist asked the same question : his response was “we have not analyzed it” : meaning : they were unable to analyze it.
    Also in a Berkeley University Hospital ~ 1500 samples “labelled” as Covid 19 Samples ~ were analyzed by the Head Virologists ~ the Result : ~ most samples were identified as Influenza A, while the rest were Influenza B.

    I have yet to meet anyone who had “Covid” ~ it is over two years now. Furthermore, everyone that I know, the people they know also say the same thing.

    A good idea is to follow the Corona Investigative Committee headed up by Reiner Fuellmich, International Lawyer. All the proof ~ all the “analyzation” that could ever be done is collected there at the: : Consortium of Scientists of Life ~ there is over 150 Top in the World ~ Scientists, Virologists, Epidemiologists, etcetera who are connected with over 100,000 Medical Doctors plus another 2 million plus other Medical Health Professionals (of every range and type of medicine) all in the same group, on the same page.
    Then there are tens of millions who each have done their own “Covid19” ~ Research ~ to one level or another but are all in agreement of the same Truth : Covid 19 Did Not/ Never Exist. Anyone bothering to look theirselves can go online and teach their self to read the ‘scientific data’ and figure it out : same as the media is packed full with misinformation, disinformation and lies, lies, and lies ~ one can see it, understand it and move forward to the side of Truth. Recommended is to go to Corona Investigative Committee and get to : Grand Jury ~ The Peoples Court of The Public Opinion ~ and listen carefully to “every word”, then share it to their fellow countrymen.

    The Hungarians either have fallen behind or are a rogue group connected with the adjuncts of the NWO. Which means Lies, Lies, Lies and Lies.
    We Will Win !!!
    Cheers!! ~peace-out~

  3. Oh give me a break. Let’s isolate [purify] the virus and get its actual DNA sequence (not computer generated) before we start coming up with stories trying to blame where this alleged virus came from.

    Stories like this have me wondering about the motivation of certain alternative news authors.

  4. Let’s go with facts. It is a fact that Obama ordered the weaponization of coronavirus with work being completed at Univ of NC, Wuhan, and a CIA/CDC/DOD lab producing over 80 strains in 2010. Luc Montagnier said they ALL had injects of HIV. There are over 1500 CIA/DOD/CDC biolabs in 25 “cooperating countries” where “private” US corporations are involved in weaponizing/testing viruses, pathogens and methods for dispersal. “Vaccines” are created at the same time. We know for a fact that Metabiota, working from the Lugar Center in Georgia (CIA/DOD/CDC lab) most recently worked with Wuhan Virology on coronavirus. The Pentagon/CIA fronts like NIAID, Ecohealth, WHO, CDC, FDA, and countless corporations, organizations, foundations, institutes, etc., funnel hundreds of billions of dollars to the corporations via contracts awarded. (ANYONE can view some of the contracts from DTRA (Pentagon) online at sites like gov.tribe).

    CIA, the Pentagon, Pharma, and other corporations, and financial institutions, are all part of the same entity. It is why they ensure drugs get approved without proper study, failed trials, and/or dangerous effects emerging afterwards. It is also why they fund ghost written studies that refute any public concern over a vaccine’s safety and publish the studies in their pharma owned journals. Studies are not given funding if there is a risk they may negatively impact drugs/vaccines being used. It is also why FDA, CDC and pharma worked to falsify results in a study that had originally proven autism was linked to vaccines with mercury. They added samples, etc., and diluted the findings so that no such conclusion could be drawn. FDA/CDC also knew that SV40 caused cancer in the 50’s but approved the polio vaccine w/ SV40 that was given to 98 million people before it was revealed to the public. The result was the cancer epidemic that has devastated baby boomers and their children who inherited their altered DNA.

    The pandemic, however, was entirely fake, and PCR tests were deliberately misused to falsely diagnose a virus in order to generate fake statistics and rushed approval for “vaccines” that had not been properly evaluated, tested in trials, nor evaluated for long term effects. Information was deliberately withheld from the public by CDC and FDA (AGAIN).

    Most recently, the biolabs have been working to engineer the viruses using DNA technology; meaning they would be more virulent for certain populations over others. We have no way of knowing if any weaponized coronavirus was released by nano drones, GM’d mosquitoes, etc., around the globe, even if the US was spared. We DO know that researchers, anti vax personalities, etc., have been eliminated with “a particularly virulent strain of covid.” (This includes Luc Montagnier). The labs have weaponized hemorrhagic fever, yellow fever, MERS, Measles, coronaviruses, Zika, Ebola, H1N1 and many more. The earlier plandemic using H1N1 failed; and there is evidence the newly weaponized version may be used for the next crisis.

    Bio-Genetic Weapon Catastrophe: Virus spread by CIA with nano-Uav as Cyber-Dragonfly Eye – Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services.

    The Pentagon Bio-Weapons

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