90% Of Online Content Could Be ‘Generated By AI By 2025,’ Expert Says

According to Nina Schick, expert, advisor, and speaker, 90% of online content could be generated by AI by 2025, citing Chatgpt as an example.

90% Of Online Content Could Be ‘Generated By AI By 2025,’ Expert Says 1

Nina Schick, advisor and speaker, claimed that generative AI, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, might fundamentally alter how digital content is created.

“I think we might reach 90% of online content generated by AI by 2025, so this technology is exponential,” she said. “I believe that the majority of digital content is going to start to be produced by AI. You see ChatGPT… but there are a whole plethora of other platforms and applications that are coming up.”

A wide-ranging public discussion about AI and its rising role in our world, especially generative AI, has been made possible by the spike in interest in OpenAI’s DALL-E and ChatGPT.

“ChatGPT has really captured the public imagination in an extremely compelling way, but I think in a few months’ time, ChatGPT is just going to be seen as another tool powered by this new form of AI, known as generative AI,” she said.

It’s important to understand what generative AI precisely is and isn’t.

“What generative AI can do, essentially, is create new things that would have thus far been seen as unique to human intelligence or creativity,” she said. “Generative AI can create across all media, so text, video, audio, pictures – every digital medium can be powered by generative AI. So, I think these valuations that you’re seeing for OpenAI are actually going to go up and you’re going to start to see even more generative AI companies which have universal applications across many industries in 2023.”

According to Schick, applications for generative AI have “only really [been] coming to the fore in the last 24 to 6 months,” so everything is still very new.

‘The pace of acceleration is so incredible’

In the coming year, the generative AI market is expected to become much more competitive, according to Schick, who anticipates “a lot more” activity from companies such as Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), and Google parent Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL).

Schick stated that she anticipates Google to compete rather than wither, despite the fact that much has been said about the extent to which ChatGPT may or may not provide an existential threat to Google’s search dominance.

“There’s been a lot of debate about whether OpenAI is an existential threat to Google – the fact that Microsoft is an investor in OpenAI, the fact that ChatGPT is going to be integrated into Bing, if that’s going to challenge the dominance of Google,” said Schick. “Although that’s a fantastic story, there’s no doubt Google is developing its own generative AI tools with the amount of data that they have, the amount of data they have.”

Even though it’s complicated, there’s little dispute about the possibility of ChatGPT being a serious Google competitor in its current form. Microsoft, which controls the search engine Bing, has already contributed $1 billion to OpenAI, and there are rumours of additional investments from the enterprise software giant. According to reports, the company wants to give OpenAI another $10 billion.

In the end, expect the generative AI space to begin changing rapidly.

“The pace of acceleration is so incredible that these tools – which are shocking and awing us at the beginning of 2023 – are going to seem quite quaint by the end of the year because the capabilities are just going to increase so powerfully,” Schick said.

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  1. Why does this person (and FAR too much of society) see this silly-con as some sort of wonder?
    No human connection involved except where to stop the speculation to one side or the other of the decimal. AI is based in guess work probability enhanced by tech weenie desires to dominate human society and culture, by mimicking, not being…no thanks, monkey see monkey do is a pathetic tactic for living.
    Seems pretty mentally and emotionally weak and meaningless to me.
    Control and eventual domination of humanity by the very very very few can be the only motivation and eventual result.

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