Companies Willing To Pay Up To Rs 1.5 Crore As Salary To People With ChatGPT Expertise

A Business Insider report also states that companies on LinkedIn are willing to pay up to Rs 1.5 crore as a salary to individuals with ChatGPT expertise.

Companies are looking for ChatGPT experts (Representative Image).

ChatGPT has been the talk of the tech world since it was introduced back in 2022. The AI chatbot gained immense popularity for its ability to respond in a human-like manner and handle almost everything thrown at it. From writing essays and poetry to composing music, people soon found multiple ways to put the generative AI chatbot to use.

With time, ChatGPT is becoming more of a requirement in the tech space and people who are experts at using the AI chatbot reportedly have a lot of options when it comes to jobs. A study by ResumeBuilder found out that 91 per cent of companies with job vacancies want to hire professionals with ChatGPT expertise. As per the study, respondents feel that AI can boost productivity, save time and boost the company’s performance.

Companies paying up to Rs 1.5 crore to ChatGPT experts

A Business Insider report also says that companies on LinkedIn are willing to pay up to USD 185,000 (around Rs 1.5 crore) per year to people having expertise in the use of ChatGPT.

For instance, Recruiting from Scratch, an HR company based in the US, is hiring for the positon of Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Audio and the skills required for the job include ‘Familiarity with current AI tools and platforms – ChatGPT, Midjourney and others’.

According to The Guardian and other media outlets, the parent publishing firm of German newspaper Bild, Axel Springer SE, has reportedly replaced editors with AI.

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