Cold War Would Have Ended In 1963 If JFK Was Not Assassinated

The US blockade of Cuba and the Cold War with the USSR could have both ended in 1963 had President John Fitzgerald Kennedy not been assassinated, filmmaker Oliver Stone said in an exclusive interview.

Cold War Would Have Ended In 1963 If JFK Was Not Assassinated

Stone spoke to RT’s Afshin Rattansi from Cannes, where his new documentary ‘JFK: Revisited: Through The Looking Glass’ premiered. The film relies in part on interviews with JFK’s relatives and recently declassified documents about the 35th US president.

“The main point we were trying to make in the documentary was that John Kennedy was a warrior for peace,” Stone said, adding that the Democrat president was making efforts to end the embargo on Cuba and had signed a test ban treaty with the Soviet Union.

“The Cold War was theoretically coming to an end in 1963. You can imagine where the world would be now” if that had happened, Stone told Rattansi. 

Instead, Kennedy was assassinated that November, and the US blockade of Cuba has continued to this day.

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The new documentary is a “bookend” to Stone’s 1991 feature film ‘JFK,’ which does not accept the official version of the events in Dallas adopted by the US government’s Warren Commission. 

Stone also spoke of JFK’s brother Robert Francis Kennedy, who was himself assassinated in 1968 during the Democratic primary campaign. 

RFK phoned the CIA after his brother’s death and asked “who conducted this horror,” Stone said, citing an interview with a family member. RFK “never believed the Warren commission” and wanted to enact his brother’s policies and investigate his killing, if elected. 

“For that reason, I believe Robert was killed in cold blood,” Stone said, adding that the people involved knew “if he got into office, there would be hell to pay.”

Stone also talked about JFK’s involvement with the civil rights movement and connections between the CIA and his alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Last year, Bob Dylan came out of a decade of isolation to revive John F. Kennedy’s murder mystery with a smashing new single. Titled “Murder Most Foul”, the song broke a record earning him his first-ever number one on the US Billboard Chart.

With heavy references to the many controversies surrounding JFK assassination and a direct address to the Deep State, the 17-minute single has electrified the JFK files declassification movement.

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  1. The big virtues in U.S. politics are rewarding campaign contributors and not rocking the boat. Had Ted Kennedy not had a problem at Chappaquiddick (never fully investigated), he’d have been buried with great ceremony. Readers might also consult comments on Jack and Bob by contemporaries like LBJ.

  2. The so-called “cold war” is just one of the ruling elite’s many deceptions. It’s tricky to have a real nuclear war with fake nukes. (Search Bing on nuclear test footage hoax. Don’t search with Google. Its algorithms are making it increasingly difficult to find sites exposing the establishment’s hoaxes.)

  3. JFK was the most evil president USA has ever known.He started Vietnam war by the false flag gulf of tonkin and sprayed deadly monsanto chemical ‘agent orange’ that has killed and maimed millions of poor viets and the aftermath effects are seen even today as deformed babies running through generations.This evil bastard also caused humongous loss to neutral country Cambodia as well by indiscriminate killings and placing mines all over the country.

    Bill Clinton is a saint compared to JFK. JFK elections were rigged to begin with by his prohibition era mafia connected dad(took help of Mob Boss Sam Gianca),who was UK ambassador during FDR. JfK won against Nixon by a very thin margin. Eisenhower phoned Nixon to contest the result but he respectfully declined.

    Bill Clinton and Hunter are holy saints compared to JFK.
    JFK was a hardcore x addict.He confided to UK PM Harold McMilan “If I don’t have a woman(other than his wife) every other day I’d get terrible headache”. He himself was a witness of typist going inside JFK’s room during UK visit. Imagine how many mistresses/actresses/concubines he brought to WH.
    FBI Edgar Hover has all the evidence.

    JFK was accompanied by feel good doctor Dr.Max Jacobsen,a German born US citizen who administered Feel good shots(read as Meth) time to time to keep him ‘moving’. Nikita Kurschev knew this in advance and deliberatley delayed for Cuban crisis negotiation at Austria.By that time , Dr.Max maxed the shots for JFK and JFK was in very vulnerable position which helped the soviets to negotiate crisis in their favour.It’s a super big political failure for US.

    Dr.Max’s license was revoked in 1975 after this scandal broke out.

    CIA/FBI/LBJ decided to stop this and did so by using CIA top agents duo william Seymour(the main guy) and Barry Seal (getaway pilot).Barry Seal was later caught up in Iran Contra affair and CIA squished him.

    Harry Lee Oswald was a pawn of the pawn.

    A movie was later made on Barry Seal lead by actor Tom Cruise.

    JFK is a physical/mental/psychological wreck who brought untold suffering to millions.

    No wonder his entire lineage is suffering from Kennedy Curse.

  4. Very ignorant post. LB J was president when Gulf of Tonkin false flag took place. The late BUT great JFK was this country’s greatest President and was murdered because he wanted nuclear peace and withdrawal from Vietnam.

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