Aussie Billionaire Clive Palmer Saved By Ivermectin And HCQ Refusing ICU Treatment

The ability of general practitioners to provide Ivermectin and HCQ treatments was restricted last year. However, an Aussie billionaire Clive Palmer was saved by Ivermectin and HCQ after he refused ICU treatment.

Aussie Billionaire Clive Palmer Saved By Ivermectin And HCQ Refusing ICU Treatment

To save billionaire Clive Palmer from double pneumonia and the more lethal Delta Covid variant, a group of specialists who treated former US president Donald Trump injected him with a mix of five antiviral medications, reports Sky News.

Mr Palmer was fast-tracked onto a US drug trial to provide the life-saving dosage of antivirals, and the US-based team utilized Zoom calls with Australian physicians to track his development.

“I would have died otherwise, without doubt,’’ Mr Palmer said.

The antiviral medications ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were two of the most controversial ones used.

Aussie Billionaire Clive Palmer saved by Ivermectin and HCQ refusing ICU treatment 1
Clive Palmer contracted COVID-19 last month. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Damian Shaw

Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have not been licensed to treat COVID-19 by the Therapeutic Goods Association, which evaluates the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 medicines.

The ability of general practitioners to provide these treatments was further restricted last year.

Mr Palmer was transported to Pindara Hospital on February 27 after catching the far more lethal Delta strain in Sydney.

Since he is 67 years old, he is overweight for his height, and he is unvaccinated, his health is in jeopardy.

Mr Palmer also said that he was administered the super-strong steroid Dexamethasone, which kept the lungs functional, during his first appearance since catching Covid-19.

Doctors told him he had double pneumonia and Covid, and that he would be admitted to the ICU and placed on a ventilator.

“I said that won’t be happening and I went home,’’ he said.

Professor Thomas Borody, a controversial gastroenterologist, had already been in contact with his top colleagues, and he had arranged for the US experts to intercede.

However, he returned home, where a local group of 4 physicians followed US specialists’ directions on how to cure the billionaire, who is now estimated to be worth $18 billion.

If he needed to be transported back to the hospital, an ambulance was waiting near his Sovereign Islands residence.

Aussie Billionaire Clive Palmer saved by Ivermectin and HCQ refusing ICU treatment 2
The billionaire politician refused to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit while battling COVID-19. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Dan Peled

“The US specialists, a couple of whom treated Trump for Covid, were very strong about not going onto a ventilator,’’ he said.

“I’ve been told that without the anti-viral intervention on that Sunday night I would likely have been dead within five hours.’’

Mr Palmer, who has not been vaccinated, said that the team in the United States had enrolled him in a new trial that permitted him to take the antiviral medication.

“I started to come good within 10 hours,’’ he said.

“I’m still not a 100 per cent. I get tired pretty easily but I’m not getting any younger I suppose.

“I had faith in the US doctors, and I’m not being critical of the Pindara people at all. They believed ventilation was necessary but I had alternative advice and I stuck with that.’’

Medical specialists agree that having received two or three doses of the vaccine increases one’s chances of surviving a severe case.

Mr Palmer stated that his views on vaccination had not changed as a result of his near-death encounter.

“I’m pro choice,’’ he said.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization firmly encourages that attaining very high vaccination coverage for all qualified Australians is the primary concern for delivering optimal community-wide defense against COVID-19.

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  1. He was better off unvaccinated, sorry to say. No he has natural immunity which most if the vaccinated will never be.

  2. I’m glad to see a good outcome for Mr.Palmer but as I have said often ,it’s sad that good Medicare is only available to the rich!

  3. Or to the very poor. In Egypt ( Africa) you can buy 1 box of Ivermectin ( 24 tablets , 3mg each ) for 45 EGP. And the same for Hydroxychloroquine. As long you stay away from the ignorant doctors you will be doing ok.
    Luckily he did not have the shots as he would have been far worse off if not dead. Wonder when the penny will drop with people that these gene shots impair your natural immune system and immune response .

  4. Who (and i don’t mean the World Health Organization) gave permission to put whatever substance into our bloodstream bc some bloke told us it’s ok ? Ladies & Gentlemen , those blokes w all the PhD creds or billion dollar bank accounts can’t /won’t tell us what’s in the jabs. Can’t / won’t show us the true test data ? Give us your arm & we’ll give u the results in 6 months / 6 years. Really ? The Africans and the Indians run the other way when Western Doctors approach w a hypodermic – – ever wonder why ?! ……. …. shalom, al jenkins

  5. Sadly, for some, the penny never will drop. I’ve noticed it’s largely those that do not have a relationship with God, instead they have put their belief and faith into the ‘vaccine’ – poor souls.

  6. I don’t have the latest statistics, but it seemed to be a trend that going on a ventilator was a step to death.

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