CIA Recruiting ISIS Terrorists To Be Sent To Ukraine

The CIA is recruiting ISIS terrorists to be sent to Ukraine. According to an inside source, the Kurds have already turned over to the US, many high-ranking members of Daesh as well as about 90 fighters.

An informed source claims that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is enlisting Daesh* terrorists confined in Syrian jails and camps under Kurdish administration in order to transport them to Ukraine.

“According to available information, the US CIA is actively recruiting Daesh militants, held in Kurdish-controlled prisons and camps in northeast Syria. The Americans are transferring terrorists to their facilities under the pretext of conducting additional investigation with the prospect of [militants’] transfers to Europe,” the source said.

According to the source, the Kurds have already turned over to the US many high-ranking members of Daesh as well as about 90 fighters, primarily from the EU, Iraq, the Chechen Republic of Russia, and Xinjiang, China. The US intends to place the militants on the grounds of its At-Tanf military facility in southern Syria for the time being.

“In the future, Washington intends to send these militants to Ukraine so that they take part in hostilities against the Russian armed forces,” the source said.

*Daesh is a terrorist group that is outlawed in Russia. It is also referred to as ISIS/ISIL/IS.

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  1. Destination Ukraine? This makes no sense, unless they’re going to serve under Ukrainian Comannd to fight Russians which would be a major PR disaster. Headline: “Islamic terrorists fight alongside Ukrainian troops”.

  2. They’ll be given a new persona from “Islamic fighters” to “freedom fighters” and be cheered and applauded, just like they were in Syria when they were Free Syrian Army a few months before becoming “Islamic terrorists”. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

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