How CIA Is Waging Information War Against Russia With Fabricated Intelligence

A report by NBC News shows how CIA is actually waging information war against Russia using intelligence that is fabricated.

How CIA Is Waging Information War With Fabricated Intelligence 1

According to an NBC News story on Wednesday, US intelligence officers leaked info on the Ukraine conflict that wasn’t “rock solid” and outright made up some statements in order to wage a “info war” against the Kremlin. Officials acknowledged to spreading false information and boasted about it.

According to the NBC report, when the American media quoted US “intelligence” to warn that Russia was ready to deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine, and when President Joe Biden echoed similar concerns, they were engaged in a deception campaign.

The goal, according to the intelligence personnel who issued the warning, was to deter Russia from actually using these weapons, despite the fact that they themselves assessed the intelligence used as “low confidence.”

Officials involved in the dissemination of such “low confidence” intelligence, according to NBC, described their job to misinform as part of an effort to “undermine Moscow’s propaganda and prevent Russia from defining how the war is perceived around the world.”

Some of the announcements were correct. For weeks, the Biden administration insisted that Russian President Vladimir Putin was planning an attack on Ukraine.

More lies were spread, including NBC’s claim that Putin was “being misled by his own advisers.” An allegation by US authorities that Putin had turned to China for military assistance was also false. Despite the fact that it was fake, the latter was released to deter China from doing what the officials said it was doing – providing arms to Russia.

According to NBC, one European official stated the report was “a public game to prevent any military support from China.”

Regarding charges that Putin was misled by his own staff, a retired intelligence operator told NBC, “There’s no way you can prove or disprove that stuff.”

Prior to the start of the war, US media had been warning for weeks that Russia was setting the framework for an attack on Russian-speakers in the Donbass region, which would be blamed on Ukrainian nationalists, creating a pretext for war.

These reports cited anonymous “intelligence sources” and Pentagon and State Department officials, none of whom produced proof to back up their assertions. When challenged, State Department spokesperson Ned Price claimed that individuals who questioned the accusations found “solace in the information the Russians are putting out.” The NBC investigation now shows that the claim was concocted by US agents.

One US official stated, “It doesn’t have to be solid intelligence.” “It’s more important to get out ahead of [the Russians], Putin specifically, before they do something,” he says.

While the officials featured in the article admitted to embellishing their claims, another unidentified US official promptly responded to the network, stating that the National Security Council and the “intelligence community” ensured that whatever they disclosed to the public was to “validate in quality.”

Ken Dilanian, a national security reporter who was revealed to have had a “collaborative” contact with the CIA in 2014, is one of the authors of the NBC story. As a result, his former employer, the Los Angeles Times, disowned him.

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