CIA Plot To Assassinate Russian Journalists Foiled

The FSB reported that members of “National Socialism/White Power” an international neo-Nazi organization, have been apprehended in connection with a plot to murder Vladimir Solovyev. With this capture, the CIA plot to assassinate Russian journalists has been foiled.

CIA Plot To Assassinate Russian Journalists Foiled 1

Ultranationalist regiments in Ukraine’s National Guard have been accused of carrying out heinous crimes upon captive Russian soldiers, Ukrainian civilians, and even their own countrymen. Vladimir Putin has disclosed that their ideological “cousins” in Russia have been planning similar offenses.

President Vladimir Putin revealed that Russia appears to know the identities of Western intelligence agents infiltrating the Ukrainian security forces, who have been urged to participate in criminal actions within Russia, involving assaults on well-known reporters.

“This morning, the organs of the Federal Security Service [FSB] prevented an attempt by a terrorist group to kill a well-known Russian journalist. Of course they will deny this now, but the facts and the evidence are irrefutable,” Putin stated during a press conference with Prosecutor’s Office officials on Monday.

“Since they are failing to achieve their goals in the [Russian] information space – bamboozling their own citizens, of course, by using their monopolistic position in the information space in their own countries and some other nations, but failing here, in Russia, they have switched to a policy of terror – to preparations to kill our journalists. And here it should be noted that we know the names of the curators from Western services, primarily of course, from the US Central Intelligence Agency, who work with Ukrainian security agencies, and who, apparently, give such advice”, Putin said.

“Here is their attitude toward the rights of journalists, to the dissemination of information, to human rights in general. They care only about their own rights -someone from their imperial ambitions, someone else [out of habit] from colonial times. But this won’t work in Russia”, he assured.

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Putin has asked investigators to assemble information on such wrongdoings, identify the culprits and organizers, and collect the proof needed to pursue legal action, including in international courts.

“I want to emphasize that such a base of evidence should be gathered for all the crimes of the neo-Nazis and their accomplices, starting with the 2014 coup in Kiev, which paved the way for civil war, bloodshed and violence in Ukraine,” he said.

The FSB had reported earlier in the day that members of “National Socialism/White Power” an international neo-Nazi organization, had been apprehended in connection with a plot to murder Vladimir Solovyev, a well-known television and radio broadcaster and Putin supporter. On the orders of Ukraine’s Security Service, several members of the group, all Russian nationals, were reported to be arranging Solovyev’s assassination. According to the FSB, the group’s imprisoned participants have also already “given confessions” about their intentions and stated that they planned to exit abroad thereafter.

CIA Plot To Assassinate Russian Journalists Foiled 2
Russian television journalist and radio host Vladimir Solovyev. File photo.
© Sputnik / Ilya Pitalyev

Investigators discovered a makeshift explosive device, eight Molotov Cocktails, six pistols, a sawed-off hunting rifle, an RGD-5 grenade, more than thousand rounds of ammunition of multiple calibres, narcotics, counterfeit Ukrainian passports, and a wide range of far-right literature and paraphernalia after searching the detainees’ residences, according to the FSB.

The case’s evidence is still being gathered. The Russian Supreme Court declared “National Socialism/White Power” a terrorist organization in May 2021, and its operations were outlawed across the nation.

Throughout Monday’s briefing, Putin addressed a variety of issues, including calling for immediate action to stop foreign media provocative actions against the Russian military, as well as claiming that seeding division in Russian society and attempting to shatter the country up from within were among the West’s highest priorities. These attempts have thus far failed, he claims.

Putin also addressed economic and commercial issues, instructing state institutions to accept international enterprises that have remained in Russia despite pressure to withdraw to do so in peace, as well as to defend business in general from “excessive control.” He also urged the prosecutor’s office to focus on issues like as the labor market, housing, and communal services, two sectors where corruption and non-fulfillment of contracts by employers have harmed regular residents’ lives.

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  1. Yesterday i left a comment suggesting Pres Vladimir Putin was feigning illness (trembling etc) to facilitate a scenario re a quick exit to retirement. ……………….. well today we see he had a ‘robust’ exchange w Sec Gen of the UN Antonio Guterres ……….. so was the meeting w his Defense Minister the day before sending the message that although an attempted assassination did succeed in making the Pres gravely ill – – he did wish to send a message back that he had indeed survived & his meeting w the Def Minister was signally he was coming after the suspected perps w the ‘full force’ of Mother Russia . ……… saying this bc the big news today is Putin divulged that he has the goods on an attempted assassination of Russian Journalist Vladimir Solovyev (or is he really saying ‘i survived – but u guys wont’…ie foreign operatives located in Foreign Intelligence services of usa /ukraine or wherever. …….. ……. shalom, al jenkins

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