Chinese Spy Christine Ching Kui Lee Infiltrates British Parliament

According to reports a Chinese spy named Christine Ching Kui Lee has infiltrated the British Parliament. Extreme caution has been advised for anyone who comes into contact with the said spy.

Chinese Spy Christine Ching Kui Lee Infiltrates British Parliament

The Britain’s MI5 security agency recently cautioned that a Chinese government asset has been operating in the UK Parliament, reports The Epoch Times.

According to a warning released by the bureau, Christine Ching Kui Lee has “knowingly engaged in political interference activities on behalf of the United Front Work Department (UFWD) of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”

It alleges Lee has indeed been enabling financial contributions to political organizations and politicians, and warns anybody who is approached by her to be “mindful of her affiliation with the Chinese state and remit to advance the CCP’s agenda in UK politics.”

Chinese Spy Infiltrates UK Parliament 1
Screengrab of an alert issued by the Office of the Speaker of the House of Commons of an MI5 Security Service Interference Alert (SSIA) warning that Christine Ching Kui Lee is “an agent of the Chinese government,” issued on Jan. 12, 2022. (PA)

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, a previous Conservative Party leader, issued the warning, labeling it “a matter of grave concern.”

He urged Lee’s deportation and that the authorities issue a declaration to the House of Commons.

Tobias Ellwood, a Conservative former minister who now chairs the Commons Defence Committee, said: “This is the sort grey-zone interference we now anticipate and expect from China. But the fact that it’s happened to this Parliament, there must be a sense of urgency from this government.”

According to MI5’s “Security Service Interference Alert” sent to Parliament, Lee has “acted covertly in co-ordination with the UFWD and is judged to be involved in political interference activities in the UK.”

It said: “We judge that the UFWD is seeking to covertly interfere in UK politics through establishing links with established and aspiring parliamentarians across the political spectrum. The UFWD seeks to cultivate relationships with influential figures in order to ensure the UK political landscape is favourable to the CCP’s agenda and to challenge those that raise concerns about CCP activity, such as human rights.”

MI5 said Lee had been “engaged in the facilitation of financial donations to political parties, parliamentarians, aspiring parliamentarians and individuals seeking political office in the UK, including facilitating donations to political entities on behalf of foreign nationals.”

Despite the fact that Lee has openly asserted that her actions are intended to “represent the UK Chinese community and increase diversity,” the security agency mentioned that they have been carried out “in covert co-ordination with the UFWD, with funding provided by foreign nationals located in China and Hong Kong.”

Lee has “extensive engagement with individuals across the UK political spectrum,” according to the report, which would include through the defunct All-Party Parliamentary Chinese in Britain Group.

Barry Gardiner, a Labour MP who garnered upwards of £500,000 ($687,000) in donations from Christine Lee throughout 2015 and 2020, said he had been “liaising with our security services” about her for many years.

He said the UK security services “have always known, and been made fully aware by me, of her engagement with my office and the donations she made to fund researchers in my office in the past.”

“I have been assured by the Security Services that whilst they have definitively identified improper funding channelled through Christine Lee, this does not relate to any funding received by my office,” he said, adding that all contributions have been reported accurately and “their source verified at the time.”

Christine Lee’s son, who’d already worked as his diary manager, quit earlier on Thursday, according to Gardiner, who added that the security services had informed him that “they have no intelligence that shows he was aware of, or complicit in, his mother’s illegal activity.”

Conservative MP Bob Seely, a member of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, stated it is “clearly serious that there appear to be actual agents of a foreign, adversarial power in Parliament.”

He told the PA news agency, “I do fear that we have been complacent about the threat posed by the Chinese communist regime.”

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