How China Is Taking Over American Agriculture With The Help Of Bill Gates

The USCHA gathering raised quite a few questions about Chinese Communist Party-backed initiatives to court American farmers. The initiatives raise questions into how China is taking over American agriculture with the help of Bill Gates.

How China Is Taking Over American Agriculture With The Help Of Bill Gates

An event co-sponsored by a Chinese Communist Party-backed influence group with a background of working with Bill Gates was aimed at American authorities to encourage them to endorse cooperation with China on farming in the United States.

The event arrives while Gates seems to be acquiring the biggest quantity of privately owned U.S. farmland and pushing for a “plant-based” strategy to world food production and nutrition. Despite national security concerns, the Chinese Communist Party has been buying large areas of farmland in the United States.

The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and the United States-China Heartland Association co-hosted the 2022 U.S.-China Agriculture Roundtable (USCHA).

The USHCA, which was established by former Democrat Governor of Missouri Bob Holden, claims to be a “bipartisan organization committed to building stronger ties between USHCA Region (20 states located in the USA between the Great Lakes to the Gulf) and the People’s Republic of China.”

“Our focus will be on Trust Building efforts connecting government officials; business leaders; educational and community interests with like minded institutions between the Heartland Region and the People’s Republic of China,” the group’s mission statement euphemizes.

Numerous Chinese Communist Party-controlled groups, on the other hand, seem to be using the USHCA to obtain entry to American agriculture authorities and company representatives.

The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and the China United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), which are both affiliated to Beijing’s United Front Work Department, are two Chinese Communist Party influence organizations that interact with USHCA.

According to the federal (read below) U.S.-China Security and Economic Review Commission, the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work Department is a multibillion-dollar operation aimed at “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and “influence foreign individuals and the policies of foreign states to serve Beijing’s interests.”

The US State Department has classified CPAFFC as a “avowedly an arm of the party-state” for its operations to “directly and malignly influence” American officials and business executives.

Gates, who does have a longstanding tradition of personal and professional partnership with the Chinese Communist Party, paid a visit to the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) in June 2014 to give a speech applauding the organization. Gates has also counseled CUSEF in the past.

Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Blayne Arthur, Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Mike Beam, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, Missouri Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn, and Congressman Darin LaHood were among the American officials that spoke at the latest agricultural event. Other key players in America’s food production networks were all in session, notably Erin Fitzgerald, CEO of US Farmers and Ranchers in Action, Krysta Hardin, President & CEO of US Dairy Export Council, and Jim Sutter, CEO of US Soybean Export Council.

According to a CPAFFC summary, CPAFFC President Lin Songtian spoke at the event, expressing his optimism on how he “hoped that China and the United States would take this forum as an opportunity to communicate frankly and find the potential for mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of agricultural import and export, cross-border e-commerce, green agriculture, agricultural science and technology innovation, and deepen mutual cooperation and mutual trust.”

How China Is Taking Over American Agriculture With The Help Of Bill Gates 2

“The participating Chinese and American companies and representatives of American states in China expressed their gratitude to the organizers, believing that the dialogue will provide a useful platform for both parties to communicate directly and meet their needs, which will help them to grasp the new developments and new technologies in the agricultural fields of the two countries in a timely and comprehensive manner,” added the group’s summary.

“Some enterprises also expressed preliminary cooperation intentions on the spot, laying a good foundation for practical cooperation in the next stage.”

The gathering raised questions about Chinese Communist Party-backed initiatives to court American farmers, as United Front Work Department Groups have used free trips to China and business deals to entice people working in fields like academia as well as the media to promote Beijing’s goals.

Read the full document below:

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  1. China now possesses 65% of the foodstuffs, harvested already, on the planet while having 25% of the population??????
    They also own Bill Gates and most of the Davos crowd through China’s productivity enriching the world of Billionaires.
    That no one talks about the WEF and China in the same breath smells vewy, vewy fishy.
    No matter. According to the logical progression of the Super Grand Solar Minimum, which vewy, vewy few are talking about, it is unlikely that more than 2 billion will survive the next 3 or 4 winters.
    Even China will see their population decimated.
    As long as Canada, or Russia, continue selling fertilizer to America they will have some crop production.
    As long as Bill Gates can buy fertilizer, and own the railroad(s), he will remain bum buddy to China.
    Most assuredly, the lie allies, I mean liasons, of today will not be the same as the lie sons of tomorrow.

  2. American farmers have been enslaved by the chemical industry. The chemical industry is responsible for 99% of the problems in the world today. We need a world-wide accord banning the use of all toxins. Only when we remove the means by which the rich are controlling us will we be able to have a clean sage world to live in.

  3. I worked for Pollution Probe Canada 50yrs ago testing the lake waters in the Gatineau Hills north of Ottawa. There I learned that the Solution to Pollution is Dilution. Really!

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