China Calls Out U.S. For Color Revolutions

During the two-day China–Central Asia summit in the historic city of Xi’an, Chinese President Xi Jinping called out the U.S. for instigating color revolutions.

Despite America’s attention abroad being largely Russia-focused recently, the bigger fish to fry in Washington’s eyes is China. Even as the US pours aid package after aid package into the Ukraine conflict with one hand, it still manages to raise its other hand to wag a finger across the Pacific Ocean at its rival superpower. But like every other country in the world, China has been watching America’s cavalier foreign policy and interventionism in the past decades. Now China is wagging a finger back.

Sounding the Alarm

China recently concluded hosting a two-day China–Central Asia summit in the historic city of Xian where the ancient Silk Road connected imperial China to the cultures to its west. Addressing the leaders of the Central Asian countries, Chinese president Xi Jinping made statements on the future of Beijing’s engagement with the neighboring region through investment plans, freer trade terms, science and technology exchange, boosted tourism and agriculture, and security cooperation.

On the last point, Xi turned his attention to the United States. He minced no words saying, “We should act on the Global Security Initiative, and stand firm against external attempts to interfere in domestic affairs of regional countries or instigate color revolutions.” With this statement, Xi called out the US and warned against the type of meddling that Washington has discreetly carried out in recent decades.

Basis of Color Revolutions

Color revolutions have been consistently observed since the early ’90s after the fall of the Soviet Union and its sphere of influence. They are characterized by seemingly grassroots popular movements in the name of achieving freedom in nominally less democratic countries. These movements typically involve mass protests, demonstrations, and civil resistance movements aimed at toppling or changing the existing government regime. Often little understood or dismissed as conspiracy theories or disinformation, the US government has funded and guided so-called color revolutions in dozens of countries, particularly those that have leaned in favor of Russia or China in key geographic locations at their peripheries and beyond.

The mechanism of bringing about color revolutions is the nongovernmental organization (NGO). While on the surface, NGOs purport to promote democratic institutions, civil society, and good governance, groups like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the Open Society Foundations have played a defining role in stoking political unrest, disrupting internal institutions and elections, and bringing pro-American leaders to power. Thus, under the guise of protecting democracy and freedom, color revolutions undermine elections and sovereignty in the name of the American empire.

French newspaper L’Opinion reported that French President Emmanuel Macron has asked for an invitation to the BRICS Summit.

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