China Orders Arrest Of AstraZeneca Officials Over Fraud

China has now ordered the arrest of AstraZeneca officials over charges of fraud. The organization has taken disciplinary measures against those employees and has reported their offenses to the authorities.

China Orders Arrest Of AstraZeneca Officials Over Fraud

The National Healthcare Security Administration (NHSA) announced on Saturday that Chinese authorities summoned officials from AstraZeneca China in connection with an investigation into potential medical insurance fraud by the company’s employees.

Authorities have ordered the arrest of all suspects, according to the state medical insurance fund’s regulator, but he did not specify the alleged violations or the amount of money involved, reports World is One News.

The NHSA also asked that AstraZeneca China rectify vulnerabilities in marketing activity supervision.

The company claimed in a statement on Friday that several personnel in Shenzhen, China’s southernmost city, had tampered with or assisted in the tampering of patients’ testing data and were accused of medical insurance fraud.

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The NHSA and the Ministry of Public Security met with the officials of the organisation in December to notify them of the probe, according to the report.

“AstraZeneca China takes such employee misconduct seriously and welcomes the recommendations by the NHSA and MOPS,” it said.

All personnel implicated in the Shenzhen case, according to an AstraZeneca representative, are Chinese nationals.

According to the statement, the organization has taken disciplinary measures against those employees and has reported their offenses to the authorities.

The NHSA said that authorities will undertake countrywide campaigns to combat fraud involving the alteration of genetic test results, urging those involved to come forward.

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  2. Yes! Ditto!! Absolute hypocrisy ~ Chinese people themselves have to step up at this time with the rest of us to stop this Genocide which at this time is explicity happening daily VIA these Injections/Inoculations/Jabs/Vaxxes and Mandatory insane Lockdowns. IF people are not questioning or frightened almost to death ~ they must be told ~ the CPP (Chinese Communist Party) is part of the murderous group : the chinese have to understand this and rise up against them ~ No CPP people are going to come later patting the chinese people on their back for being good little boy and girls followers ~ they will stick the needles into them same as they are doing to the rest of humanity. IF necessary reach out to trusted friends and get on top of this attack on you all.

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