Children Struggle To Recognize Masked Faces As Per New Study

A new study has shown that not only do masks hinder the ability of children to recognize faces, but they also disrupt the typical, holistic way that faces are processed.

Children Struggle To Recognize Masked Faces As Per New Study

Researchers had children perform the CFMT-K, a facial memorization examination for kids, and discovered a substantial disparity among children examining unmasked faces and masked faces.

“The main findings from this paper are that children struggle to recognize masked faces. We found a decrease of 20 percent in their ability to recognize masked faces, while the average decline is around 15 percent for adults,” one among several researchers, Erez Freud, assistant professor in the Faculty of Health at York University in Canada, informed the press in an email.

Prior research has shown that masks impair adults’ capacity to interpret faces. The new research (read below) is among the earliest to look at how masks affect children’s facial identification ability.

For said study, 72 youngsters between the ages of 6 and 14 were assessed.

Researchers analysed the test findings of two sets of children, one 11 years old and the other younger, and determined that the influence of masking on face recollection changes little depending on age. As per the peer-reviewed study (read the study below) presented in Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, the mask phenomenon probably represents “a reduction in both holistic and featural processing.”

Children ‘Struggle to Recognize Masked Faces:’ Study
An example of masked and unmasked faces shown to children for the study. (York University)

The term “holistic processing” alludes towards how humans perceive the entire face at the same time, as contrasted to separate aspects. The term “featural processing” pertains to the use of characteristics such as the nose while studying faces.

“Not only do masks hinder the ability of children to recognize faces, but they also disrupt the typical, holistic way that faces are processed,” Freud said in a statement.

“If holistic processing is impaired and recognition is impaired, there is a possibility it could impair children’s ability to navigate through social interactions with their peers and teachers, and this could lead to issues forming important relationships. Given the importance of faces to social interactions, this is something we need to pay attention to.”

School mask regulations gained popularity amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, and several jurisdictions have retained them in effect for almost two years, although some governors said this week that they will soon be rescinded. Some specialists argue that there is little evidence to justify the usage of masks in schools, whereas others argue that wearing a mask has served to slow the progression of the virus, which induces COVID-19.

The current study’s authors started by stating that using masks “is an effective tool in reducing novel coronavirus transmission,” and Freud stated that the results should not lead authorities to discontinue enforcing masks in schools.

“While it is important to acknowledge that masks may alter face processing, the experts say the benefits of mask-wearing are far more significant in terms of our children’s safety and health,” he said.

He stated that the researchers will next investigate if children’s increasing exposure with masked faces “facilitates children’s recognition abilities.”

Read the full study here:

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  1. You mean masks make it harder to recognise someone? Really? I think Dick Turpin and Jesse James were aware of this quite a while ago but now we need a team of over qualified and overpaid “scientists” to tell us the blindingly obvious.

  2. Masks disgust me. I never wear one, and I find it challenging to deal with those that do. Workers required to wear them at some retail business is one thing. I feel sorry for them. But my challenge is with those that choose to wear a mask because they believe it protects them from some invisible pathogen.

    I myself would never do something like stifle the air I breath or get injected with some new experimental “vaccine” without first researching it. And I learned a long time ago research is not reading anything the mainstream establishment cranks out. It doesn’t take much effort to learn masks are a useless and unhealthy deception. Their vaccines are a con game that carry incredible risk and absolutely no reward.

    I can’t understand why people are so readily trust the “authorities” in making these drastic lifestyle changes. (And don’t even get me started on those adults making children wear a mask!) This all makes no sense to me.

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