Chicago Police Precincts Turned Into Unofficial Migrant Shelters

According to police sources in the city, due to Chicago’s sanctuary city policy, police precincts have turned into unofficial migrant shelters.

Undocumented migrants in Chicago have begun spilling into the hallways of police precincts and are sleeping there, a new report says.

Police sources in the city told Fox News it was due to Chicago’s “ridiculous sanctuary city policy.”

“They clearly do not have a plan to deal with it and they’re placing the cops once again in undue risk,” an unnamed Chicago Police source said, according to Fox News.

A city spokesperson reportedly said these migrants, who are sometimes being dropped off in front of police stations, can be offered shelter, where they can also get medical and mental health treatment, if they were to dial 311.

The spokesperson added that the police stations were not being labeled or designated as official shelters.

Police fear these migrants are not aware of how dangerous the Chicago streets can be.

“Yesterday when I left, there was an eleven-year-old girl sitting on the floor by herself,” an unnamed source told Fox News. “I try to explain to them not to go outside because my station is in a very bad neighborhood.”

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