INTEL ALERT: Chicago Gangs Forms Alliance to Shoot On Sight Police Officers

An FBI intelligence alert claims that nearly three dozen cold-blooded Chicago street gangs “have formed a pact to ‘shoot on-sight any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public’.”

INTEL ALERT Chicago Gangs Forms Alliance to Shoot On Sight Police Officers
INTEL ALERT Chicago Gangs Forms Alliance to Shoot On Sight Police Officers

The FBI alert, headlined “Pact Made by People Nation Gang Factions to ‘Shoot On-Sight’ Any Police Officer with a Weapon Drawn” lists street gangs that have become well-known in Chicago the past five decades, from the Latin Kings and Vice Lords to the El Rukns and Black P Stones. The intel alert obtained by ABC7 I-Team states:

The “situational information report” from FBI officials in Chicago dated August 26, 2020, states “members of these gang factions have been actively searching for, and filming, police officers in performance of their official duties. The purpose of which is to catch on film an officer drawing his/her weapon on any subject and the subsequent ‘shoot on-sight’ of said officer, in order to garner national media attention.”

The FBI’s “Potential Activity Alert” is believed to have come from a police street source, a cooperating witness in an ongoing case, or from discussions overheard on a wiretap or other surveillance recording.

Although not commenting directly on the FBI alert, CPD Superintendent David Brown said the danger to police officers is real and increasing.

“I think it’s bigger than a suggestion,” Supt. Brown said. “I think 51 officers being shot at or shot in one year, I think that quadruples any previous year in Chicago’s history. So I think it’s more than a suggestion that people are seeking to do harm to cops.”

The alert comes after a gruesome weekend in Chicago in which 54 people were shot including two Chicago police officers.

Chicago Street Gangs form alliance to Shoot on Sight cops
Chicago Street Gangs form alliance to Shoot on Sight cops. Source: AP

As many as 70 active and inactive Chicago street gangs with 753 factions contribute most of the crime on the streets of Chicago. Below are some of the major Chicago gangs:

Gangster Disciples
Vice Lords
Black P. Stones
Latin Kings
Black Disciples
Maniac Latin Disciples
Spanish Cobras
Almighty Saints
Spanish Gangster Disciples
Four Corner Hustlers

Chicago is considered the most gang-infested city in the United States, with a population of over 100,000 active members from nearly 60 factions. Gang warfare and retaliation is common in Chicago.

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  1. My advice: all officers should leave immediately for their safety. Let the city collapse in on itself. Loosing a paycheck is not as bad as loosing your life.

    If Chicago falls, it falls!

  2. That might make other cities gangs think they can do the same thing, if they see that it makes the cops go away. And then they have free reign on unprotected non-violent citizens. What they need to do is use drones and remotely operated vehicles to respond to situations before actual officers go in.

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