ChatGPT Can Pass Medical Licensing Exam And Bar

Studies have showed that ChatGPT, a recently launched AI with the remarkable capacity to mimic human writing, has passed some of America’s most difficult professional exams, sparking concerns that it may soon eliminate many white collar jobs. With this, it has been verified that ChatGPT can pass medical licensing exam and even the bar.

ChatGPT Can Pass Medical Licensing Exam And Bar

The world has been captivated by the artificially intelligent content producer, whose name is short for “Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” which was unveiled by OpenAI two months ago.

However, the AI-powered chatbot has sparked ethical concerns as students use it to cheat on writing assignments, and experts have warned that it could have long-term implications on the US economy. It has been praised by luminaries like Elon Musk, one of OpenAI’s founders.

Its results, however, are undeniable; according to recent study, the chatbot may get an MBA and soon pass notoriously challenging exams like the Bar and the United States Medical Licensing Exam.

ChatGPT Can Pass Medical Licensing Exam And Bar 2
Ethan Mollick, associate professor at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, touted ChatGPT’s increasingly impressive capabilities in a recent post to Twitter
ChatGPT Can Pass Medical Licensing Exam And Bar 3
Recent research shared by the professor showed that the AI-powered chatbot, release two months ago, can already successfully achieve an MBA, and may soon be able to pass notoriously difficult tests like the United States Medical Licensing Exam and the Bar Exam

In a recent post on social media, Ethan Mollick, an associate professor at the prominent University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, highlighted these findings, one of which was conducted by one of his colleagues at the institution.

According to the assessment by Wharton professor Christian Terwiesch, ChatGPT earned grades ranging from a B to a B- on the final test of a normal MBA core course while it was still in its infancy.

Additionally, it was discovered that ChatGPT ‘performed well in the preparation of legal documents’ in the research, which was conducted to determine what the availability of the AI tool may signify for MBA schools.

‘The next generation of this technology might even be able to pass the bar exam,’ the report notes.

In a post to social media on Sunday, Mollick, who requires students to use the AI in his courses on innovation and entrepreneurship, praised the results and discussed their possible implications.

ChatGPT Can Pass Medical Licensing Exam And Bar 4
Mollick, who allows students in his class to use the technology highlighted these reports in a recent post on social media, one of which was carried out by one of his colleague

‘I think we haven’t fully absorbed the fact that careful academic papers have found ChatGPT clearly passes some of the most challenging American professional exams,’ Mollick wrote.

In the post, the professor discussed a different Yale University study in which the chatbot passed the US Medical Licensing Examination.

Another applauded the AI bot’s accomplishments on the professional license exam, widely known as “the Bar Exam,” which Michigan State and Chicago Kent law professors discovered ChatGPT could also pass.

Other posts from the professor similarly praise the development of the still-evolving AI, whose early adopters have already started utilizing to create drafts of assignments and compose business emails in particular tones and styles.

The achievements of ChatGPT in the few months since its debut cannot be overlooked, even though the technology is ‘still in its infancy,’ as cryptocurrency enthusiast and billionaire Mark Cuban claimed in an interview this week praising the technology.

ChatGPT Can Pass Medical Licensing Exam And Bar 5
The post saw the professor share another study carried out by researchers ay Yale that saw the chatbot earn a passing grade United States Medical Licensing Exam

While many may have their doubts about the technology, which has recently become a budding internet sensation, Andrew Karolyi, dean of Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business, told the Financial Times this week that he thinks ChatGPT is here to stay.

ChatGPT has been restricted in New York City due to “safety and accuracy” worries. Schools now fully fear an AI takeover with ChatGPT.

‘One thing we all know for sure is that ChatGPT is not going away. If anything, these AI techniques will continue to get better and better. Faculty and university administrators need to invest to educate themselves.’

As the technology becomes more widespread, it has reportedly caused concern within organizations like Google, which wants to implement the AI to improve the functionality of its well-known search engine.

The New York Times reported late last week that Google executives are working on plans to “demonstrate a version of its search engine with chatbot features this year” as well as disclose more than 20 artificial intelligence-powered projects.

Sources have since claimed that corporate executives adopted AI technology too quickly for the company’s benefit. This comes as the search engine giant said on Friday that it would be laying off more than 12,000 workers as it prepares to make AI its major focus.

The greatest cancellation in the company’s 25-year history sparked worries that ChatGPT and other similar services may put copywriters, journalists, customer service representatives, and now even lawyers and doctors out of work.

ChatGPT Can Pass Medical Licensing Exam And Bar 6
Another praised the AI bot’s performances on the professional license exam, commonly referred to as ‘the Bar Exam’, which professors at the Michigan State and Chicago Kent colleges of law found could also be conquered by the now viral AI bot

Kara McWilliams, the executive director of a nonprofit that provides a tool that can recognize AI-generated answers, cautions that others will eventually need to fall into line or risk being left in the dust by those who welcome such tools, which are set to become more ubiquitous in the coming years.

Last week, Williams of ETS Product Innovation Labs told The Times: ‘I’m of the mind that AI isn’t going to replace people, but people who use AI are going to replace people.’

Terwiesch compared the impact ChapGPT will have on the globe to that of electronic calculators on the corporate world in the late 1960s and early 1970s while introducing his work.

‘Prior to the introduction of calculators and other computing devices, many firms employed hundreds of employees whose task it was to manually perform mathematical operations such as multiplications or matrix inversions,’ he wrote.

‘Obviously, such tasks are now automated, and the value of the associated skills has dramatically decreased. In the same way any automation of the skills taught in our MBA programs could potentially reduce the value of an MBA education.’

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