Celebrities Who Smoke Marijuana: From A$AP Rocky to Kristen Stewart

Paparazzi have caught many celebrities smoking weed, but marijuana snaps are getting old. Well-known icons have been open about using recreational and medicinal cannabis grown from White Widow seeds and other strains for years.

For many, their weed journey has positively influenced their lives and careers. Others have admitted that it’s ended marriages, and loved ones have had to save a few from their habits.

Let’s look at some famous cannabis users.

Famous Male Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

Divulging into famous cannabis users shows us that numerous Hollywood stars consume marijuana. Weed helps them explore their creative talents and entrepreneurial skills while advocating for more legal rights across the US.

Here are some well-known male celebs that consume cannabis:

A$AP Rocky

In one of his hit songs, A$AP Rocky listed marijuana as one of the things he needs in his life. He once smoked Mary Jane with Snoop Dogg and got so high in an interview that he could barely keep it together.

Recently, he’s decreased his smoking tendencies and even decided to go clean on 4/20 in 2019. He admitted that he sometimes has to stay sober to focus better.

Snoop Dogg

The OG of the cannabis world can be none other than Snoop Dogg himself. He’s among the most famous celebrities known for smoking weed and one of the ten richest rappers.

His love for blazing bud started in the 1970s. An uncle randomly asked him if he wanted a hit, and he never declined. Other famous people can’t say their cannabis journey started before their age even hit double digits.

There are two potent strains named after the famous stoner celebrity on the marijuana market. Snoop’s Dream and Snoop Dogg OG aren’t for the novice smoker. Their THC content is 25% and 28%, respectively, making these strains hard-hitting and robust.

Seth Rogen

If you’ve seen a video or read an article about Seth Rogen, you probably know he loves weed. In 2007, he won the High Times Stoner of the Year award. He believes he requires marijuana to function and has consumed it for over 20 years.

Rogen admits to smoking at least 8–9 joints daily, which is likely why he was voted one of Hollywood’s top ten funniest actors. His love for the herb ventured further when he launched his cannabis company, Houseplant, in 2019.

His affinity for weed and ceramics was the inspiration behind his business. Rogen believes your cannabis stash shouldn’t live in a shoebox under your coffee table.

Famous Female Celebrities Who Enjoy Marijuana

While male celebs may be more open about their cannabis habits, many famous female weed smokers and users exist. Let’s browse some famous female celebrities who enjoy marijuana.

Kristen Stewart

After being caught lighting up in the spotlight, Kristen Stewart revealed she was a weed-smoking celebrity.

Just before the release of the iconic Twilight movie, a photo of Stewart sitting on her porch smoking weed was released. This infamous image set the tone for her as a celebrity stoner.

Fast forward to today, Stewart and her fiancée, Dylan Meyer, are often spotted hitting the cannabis dispensaries in LA.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman became the queen of weed when she walked the red carpet at the Emmys, proudly displaying her vape pen. She’s openly admitted her love and passion for the herb.

In an interview, Silverman said she was the first celebrity to smoke marijuana with Seth Rogen. The duo have now connected their passion for cannabis and created an initiative for US citizens to advocate for the legalization of weed.

Melissa Etheridge

When thinking of celebrities smoking weed, Melissa Etheridge probably doesn’t come to mind. In 2004, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Etheridge used cannabis to counter the effects of chemotherapy.

Since then, she’s been advocating for the use of medicinal marijuana. In 2019, she obtained a license to open a manufacturing and cannabis processing plant called Etheridge Organics.

Celebrities Who Used to Smoke Cannabis

Although there are many advocates for the benefits of marijuana, some celebrities have stopped using the herb for various reasons. Here are a few celebrities who quit smoking weed and their motives.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga hasn’t completely stopped smoking weed, but she doesn’t rely on it to function anymore. The singer admitted she was addicted to marijuana and, at some stage, smoked an average of 15 joints a day.

She opened up, stating that consuming weed was a way to cope with the stress and anxiety of her career. Cannabis also relieved the chronic pain she experienced from fibromyalgia.

When marijuana and other recreational drugs became too much, her dad helped her deal with her addiction. Gaga now only uses a little weed at night, usually for fun but not to cope with life’s stressors.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt doesn’t believe weed is a dangerous drug but stopped smoking cannabis when it became an unhealthy substance in his life. He admitted that he spent most of the 1990s getting high and hiding from the public eye.

Pitt believes that his weed habit played a significant role in why he got divorced from Angelina Jolie. The actor reports she became uncomfortable with the environment it created in front of their children.

The Highs and Lows of Celebrities Smoking Weed

While this list highlights a few celebrities who have openly admitted to smoking weed, there are dozens of other 420-friendly stars.

The use of marijuana to cope with the pressure of stardom has created unhealthy habits for a select few. Others have used their recreational and medicinal use of weed to grow business empires and induce their creative juices.

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