Tuesday, May 21, 2024
All of us have traveled in trains at some point in time. People who are keen observers notice a lot of things while traveling - the condition of the train, the services offered, the different kinds of passengers, and other things. Many passengers might have also noticed and wondered what the "X" symbol behind the last coach of the train actually meant. The Railways Ministry took to Twitter to explain the meaning of the same and many users were relieved to finally find an answer.
A U.S. union official alerted the Biden administration to health problems caused by the Norfolk Southern derailment in February, saying that some workers have become sick.
A passenger train carrying hundreds of people collided at high speed with an oncoming freight train in a fiery wreck in northern Greece, killing 32 and injuring at least 85, officials said Wednesday.
The California Department of Motor Vehicles approved the on-road tests of Amazon's self driving "Zoox" taxi last week on California roads along a route between two office buildings at the company's Foster City headquarters at no more than 35 mph.
East Palestine, Ohio, a community of around 5,000 people located close to Pennsylvania's border, has been affected by the derailment of a train carrying pressurized vinyl chloride, a highly flammable carcinogenic gas.
Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun told Bloomberg TV that fully autonomous passenger planes are inching closer to takeoff, with it being only a matter of when not if.
A drone flying at 16,000 feet seems to be more than 40 times higher than the legal limit (400 feet) for unmanned aerial vehicles. Nevertheless, a passenger plane nearly collided with a drone at 16,000 feet.
India’s first hydrogen powered trains are in the works. Over 11 metric tons less carbon dioxide will be emitted each year thanks to the trains.
A Denver based aeronautics company called Boom Supersonic has developed a sustainable supersonic passenger plane that will use 100% sustainable aviation fuel.
India’s first-ever underwater river tunnel train is expected to be fully functional within a few months. The project was completed at a cost of approximately Rs. 8,600 crore.