Paris Will Be Off-Limits Without QR Code This Summer

According to the Ministry of the Interior, due to the upcoming Olympics in 2024, Paris will be off-limits without a QR code this summer.

Paris Will Be Off-Limits Without QR Code This Summer 1

Certain parts of the capital will be divided into zones starting on July 18 and running through August 11 for the duration of the Olympic Games. To navigate these zones, you’ll need a “Pass Jeux” (Games Pass).

The pass is in the form of a QR code that may be printed out or downloaded to a smartphone.

Passes will be granted after administrative verifications by the Paris police prefecture, according to the Ministry of the Interior’s Monday launch of its platform.

Applications will soon be expanded to cover the entire Olympic term, as they currently only relate to the 26 July Olympic opening ceremony on the Seine.

Who needs a QR code?

The QR codes mostly pertain to individuals who live close to the competition locations and opening ceremony, as well as those who wish to travel across restricted areas in motorized vehicles (cars, motorbikes), including delivery drivers and taxis.

Entering prohibited zones does not require a QR code for bikes, pedestrians, or users of non-motorized scooters.

Which areas are affected?

There will be four perimeters around the sites, marked with colored codes: grey, black, red, and blue.

The French-language video following lays them out.

Securities are tighter in grey zones. These comprise the competition locations, including the Olympic opening ceremony on July 26 on the Seine River, which is anticipated to draw 300,000 spectators.

The Seine’s banks between the Austerlitz and Iéna bridges will be divided into two six-kilometer sections that will serve as an anti-terrorist protection zone (SILT).

A valid ID and either a ceremony ticket or a QR code are required for entry into the SILT zone.

Drivers requiring a QR code to enter include residents whose parking lots are located in the SILT zone as well as delivery and emergency service vehicles. On the day of the opening ceremony, no cars will be permitted through after 13:00. If required, police will escort emergency service vehicles.

To enter the SILT zone, applicants must provide documentation of their identity, such as a lease agreement, hotel reservation, or proof of address, as stated by Prefet de Police Laurent Nunez to France Info.

Everybody will undergo security checks “to be sure the person does not represent a threat to national security,” the speaker stated.

The SILT zone will be restricted starting on July 18, one week before the opening ceremony.

Paris Will Be Off-Limits Without QR Code This Summer 2
Security zones for the Opening Olympic Ceremony in days leading up to the event © Paris Police Préfecture
Paris Will Be Off-Limits Without QR Code This Summer 3
Security perimeters for the day of the Opening Olympic Ceremony © Paris Police Préfecture

Black zones refer to the areas surrounding competition venues where security checks are conducted for all individuals entering the competition site.

Red zones are accessible to cyclists and pedestrians without requiring a QR code. However, they are off-limits to all vehicles and motorbikes, except for motorized residents, visitors attending to sick or vulnerable individuals, and emergency and rescue services, who must present a QR code.

Blue zones mandate motorists, including delivery drivers, to have a QR code to pass through. Cyclists and pedestrians, on the other hand, can move around freely in these zones.

Public transport

The lines will continue to run normally despite the closure of about fifteen metro stations that are inside the anti-terrorist security cordon starting on July 18 and throughout the Games. The Saint-Michel and Invalides overland RER C stops will continue to operate.

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