A drone flying at 16,000 feet seems to be more than 40 times higher than the legal limit (400 feet) for unmanned aerial vehicles. Nevertheless, a passenger plane nearly collided with a drone at 16,000 feet.
India’s first hydrogen powered trains are in the works. Over 11 metric tons less carbon dioxide will be emitted each year thanks to the trains.
A Denver based aeronautics company called Boom Supersonic has developed a sustainable supersonic passenger plane that will use 100% sustainable aviation fuel.
India’s first-ever underwater river tunnel train is expected to be fully functional within a few months. The project was completed at a cost of approximately Rs. 8,600 crore.
In a Youtube video highlighting scientific breakthroughs, Hashem Al-Ghaili, a Yemeni science communicator and video producer known for his infographics and videos highlighting scientific breakthroughs, proposed the concept of a flying nuclear powered sky hotel.
Sweden's Jetson Aero is now already offering personal eVTOL aircraft that can go upto 63 mph. Meanwhile, the UK has opened world's first vertiport for flying taxis.