The RTI filed by Madhya Pradesh-based Chandra Shekhar Gaur revealed that the average speed of the Vande Bharat Express trains was 84.48 kmph in 2021-22 and 81.38 kmph in 2022-23, despite it being built to hit 180 kmph.
Chinese firms involved in the construction of the Haramain Express, the world's first desert high-speed railway, have helped to establish China as Saudi Arabia's strongest ally, thereby replacing the United States.
According to the Plains-Paradise Rural Fire District, a train carrying a large quantity of beer derailed in Paradise, Montana.
The CAAN (Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal) has announced that Nepal is banning Air India pilots indefinitely after their planes nearly collided mid-air over the skies of Simara in Nepal.
ABC's "20/20" labeled John Wayne Airport (SNA) as America's scariest airport to its due short runway and planes taking off at degree angles 25-degree angles compared to the usual 10-degree angles.
Charlotte-based American Airlines Airbus first officer Josh Yoder reported on Twitter that a Southwest pilot was replaced mid-flight after suffering a medical emergency.
The Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project, which is anticipated to be delayed by four years from its original deadline of December 2023, has 26% of the work finished, railways minister informed.
A parliamentary standing committee has recommended the resumption of the fare concession offered to senior citizens by the railways before the coronavirus pandemic. The Indian Railways used to offer a 40 per cent discount in fares to males aged 60 years or above and for females, a 50 per cent discount was given if the minimum age was 58 years.
Another Norfolk Southern train derailed in Alabama on Thursday morning, the company confirmed in a statement to Axios.
All of us have traveled in trains at some point in time. People who are keen observers notice a lot of things while traveling - the condition of the train, the services offered, the different kinds of passengers, and other things. Many passengers might have also noticed and wondered what the "X" symbol behind the last coach of the train actually meant. The Railways Ministry took to Twitter to explain the meaning of the same and many users were relieved to finally find an answer.