Egypt is shown in all its splendor in space imagery from NASA and the European Space Agency. Here's the satellite view of the Pyramids and Nile River from space.
ABC's "20/20" labeled John Wayne Airport (SNA) as America's scariest airport to its due short runway and planes taking off at degree angles 25-degree angles compared to the usual 10-degree angles.
Finland, which has been named the world's happiest country for the sixth year in a row by the World Happiness Report, is offering free trips to 10 lucky people. Details on how to apply, the deadline, and other information are provided below.
A Taliban security officer confirmed to the Telegraph the arrest of multiple foreigners last week, including British self-styled 'danger tourist' Miles Routledge, by the Taliban secret police.
The project given the name 'TROJENA' will be an important addition to tourism as a whole. Located in Saudi Arabia, the project is set to create a futuristic vertical mountain village with two-mile man made lake and a ski resort.
Beatriz Flamini, a Spanish climber, has left the cave after successfully spending 500 days in isolation.
The longest glass bottom bridge in the world has opened to tourists – but would you dare? To take away the worries, the bridge's floor is comprised of tempered glass developed in France, rendering it sturdy enough to sustain up to 450 people at once.
Brahma Kamal, known as the Divine Flower of Uttarakhand Himalayas, holds great significance in the mountain culture of the region. This beautiful flower flourishes in the Himalayan regions. Photo by:  John Muir Fan 86, Creative...
T+L runs an annual global survey to identify the best travel experiences around the world, and given below is the list of the top 25 islands to visit in 2022 according to that survey.
Bali is attempting to regain control over its tourists by closing mountains and prohibiting 'bonking'. Additionally, discussions are taking place regarding the introduction of a 'tourist tax'. Asia, Indonesia, Bali, young Asian woman...