Kutumba is the Karnataka government's planned law for a family ID project which is comparable to the upcoming Maharashtra Unified Citizen Data Hub. Technology and data researchers are crossing their fingers that the proposed regulation would provide adequate safeguards for citizen data.
Texas AG Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit against Google for collecting biometric data. The case was filed in response to a federal appeals court's upholding of a Texas statute last month, which opens the door for legal action against social media corporations that engage in content moderation.
According to documents examined by Forbes, the parent company of TikTok, ByteDance has planned to track specific Americans' physical locations.
The media has extensively covered China's widespread usage of cameras and facial recognition technologies. Now, these are the world's most-surveilled cities.
In a recent interview, a UN official admitted that they partner with companies like Google to control the search results and she even claimed that "We Own The Science".
Saudi Arabians are using a mobile app sold by both Apple and Google to snitch on their fellow citizens for dissenting against government authorities. As a result, activists and others are going to prison for more than 30 years in some cases, Business Insider reported on Friday.
According to a report by New Kite Data Labs, the Chinese military is collecting voice data samples of Indians from sensitive border areas for mass surveillance through an Indian middleman.
In a society where anyone can now be terminated from their job and lose their income for an inadvertent comment on social media, what might happen if the same kind of penalties were applied to domestic debates? This is the reality of working from home which now means letting corporate surveillance into your daily life.
Implanted chips are going to be promoted as a fashionable status symbol by mainstream society and influencers. This is how the WEF wants to microchip your kids.
According to several articles, Amazon's purchase of iRobot could be to map the inside of your home to let marketers sell more junk because Amazon wants to know more about its customers.