Aerospace experts say that satellite images taken three months before a Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina showed a never-before-seen Chinese military blimp. A large blimp developed by...
US-based automotive firm Privacy4Cars has released a new tool called the Vehicle Privacy Report, which reveals the extent of data tracking in your new car. YOUR CAR KNOWS a lot...
The Biden administration announced the Restrict Act, which will mark the beginning of Biden's surveillance state targeting online activity.
The Pentagon documents leak has been traced to users arguing over the war in Ukraine in closed video game chat groups hosted by Discord.
Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That told the BBC in an interview that the company has scraped 30 billion photos without users' knowledge over the years from various sources, including Facebook, to build its facial recognition database.
According to reports by Politico and Bloomberg, Amazon illegally harvested kids' data via Alexa-powered 'smart' speakers.
Two current senior officials and one former senior administration official have reported that a Chinese spy balloon collected intelligence from sensitive U.S. military locations, despite efforts by the U.S. to prevent this.
A Chinese spy ship, which was tasked to gather details including the depth and salinity in parts of the Bay of Bengal, was spotted close to the Indian coast.
The American Community Survey (ACS), sent to about 3.5 million homes every year, is the byproduct of a government that believes it has the right to know all of your personal business.
The People's Liberation Army's "Unrestricted Warfare" manual, which was released in February 1999, is being used to defeat America by weaponizing everything, including lawyers and balloons.